Barack Obama became a natural born citizen of the United States of America on April 21, 2007

Barack Obama, according his literary agent Dystel & Goderich, was born in Kenya.  That is until two months after Barack Obama became presidential candidate, when his bio at suddenly changed to reflect his Hawaii birth.  Details at

The following image is from his biographical leaflet that his literary agent used to promote him as an author:

These facts show that Obama is lying.  But was he lying in 1991 about being born in Kenya, or is he lying today about his Hawaiian birth?  Ockham’s razor suggests that Obama was actually born in Kenya and changed his mind about where he was born only after deciding to run for president.  The reason I suggest this, is that document experts have declared his birth certificate a forgery, he has a dubious Social Security Number and Selective Service record.  Finally, he has spent millions in court to block the release of his birth records, as they are held by the State of Hawaii.  Why would he do that if he was really born in Hawaii?  Now I would argue that the simplest solution is that he really was born in Kenya, and that it is his Hawaiian birth which is ex post facto.

The ironic thing is that the Obama administration has greatly increased the suffering of Americans living abroad, especially by  threatening them with extortionate FBAR penalties , up to 300% of a person’s financial wealth in addition to prison sentences.   It appears that an usurper has caused the persecution of as many as six million authentic Americans.