Ontario’s Ground Hog Day: Why we need to continue to protest

by Peter W. Dunn, PhD

We have seen a decline in our numbers here in the Vaughan protest, but I continue to be here every Sunday morning. Among the top reasons that people have given for not coming to the protest is that they don’t think it’s doing any good. Some people want to avoid tickets from the police, or they want to avoid trouble at work or in their family. But the other thing is that as Ontario gradually opens up, our freedoms slowly trickle back to us, as though the government is doing us a favor. So I wanted to talk about the urgency to continue our protests.

As I was doing some research for this speech, I googled “stage 3” and “July 24” because I thought that the date of stage 3 in Ontario was announced for July 24. Much to my surprise I found news items from July 24, 2020 (last year). Here is one: “Ford says officials ‘have asked for a little more time’ to determine when Toronto may be able to advance to Stage 3“. Strangely, that corresponds with the rough timeline that Ontario officials have announced for this year’s “stage 3”: at least 21 days after stage 2 began they say, which would put us around 20 July. But there is no certainty. This is deja vu. And it will be predictable since this virus also is seasonal, and cases of colds and flus and positive PCR tests for COVID 19 will rise around November when the sun wanes and the weather turns cold. Renewed lockdowns, business closures, church and synagogue restrictions, stay at home orders, new vaccines for new variants will be thrust upon us, and the Ground Hog day will be repeated ad infinitum and ad nauseum. There remains then also the Ground Hog Day for our protest. We will be here, until Bill Murray gets it right and ends the repeating cycle of insanity in our country and province.

Here are the reasons we need to continue to protest:

(1) Masks mandates have not ended, and it looks like we will see our children masked or forbidden to attend school. But masks are bad for them, causing an increase in CO2 and harmful bacterial levels and a decrease in O2 levels. They also do nothing to prevent the aerosol vapour that carry the virus (see below video)–and masks mandates starting summer 2020 did nothing to prevent the lockdowns. Masks may have even contributed to the problem of more contagious variants of COVID 19–as the virus adapts to the barriers we put in their way–Virology 101.

(2) Lockdowns remain in place. It is true that more businesses are opening up with each new stage. But still, gyms and inside restaurant dining remain closed. It is hard to keep track of what is open and what is not open. Suffice it to say that Doug Ford in capricious manner decides via edict what can open and what must remain closed. As long as that is the case, we are all in danger.

(3) Border closures and restrictions: There is still a requirement of a quarantine hotel to re-enter Canada, unless of course you are Justin Trudeau. Now they are tying that requirement to whether you have one of the approved vaccines, and this is an obvious form of bullying and favorizing of Western vaccine companies–which is Agency Capture and Revolving Door, campaign contributions and overall corruption of media and government have a lot to do with.

(4) Fear: People remain in utter terror of COVID 19, and they think that we are nuts for being out here dancing, hugging, and kissing–without useless masks. And do you know how many cases of COVID 19 have been tied to our protests and other meetings that have taken place during lockdown? Hundreds of cases? Dozens of deaths? Actually no. Zero to my knowledge. I’ve been here every week and my last bad cold or flu was 2010. So no, I am not afraid. I am fearless, and people need to see that life in Canada is possible without fear.

(5) Vaccines: It appears that the whole lockdown Ground Hog Day was created to sell us vaccines for an allegedly super dangerous virus, and that’s what people have come to believe and so they are lining up by the thousands to get whatever vaccine is the soup du jour. Already a vaccine company (AZ) is testing a new vaccine for the Beta variant, and next year’s vaccine it will be mandated that we must get enough of the population vaccinated for the Delta variant before we can open up again. Because this is Ground Hog Day. It will be repeated for an Epsilon variant, Zeta, Ita, and Theta variants will come for the coming years, and we will eventually get an Omega variant (the Greek alphabet has 24 letters, before we even have to come up with a new way of naming them).

(6) Economic destruction: The federal government is using the Bank of Canada to create new currency to make up for the lack of tax revenue and to pay out benefits to people who they, the government, have put out of work. Eventually, once you dilute a currency it will create distortions such as the 26% increase, year over year, in residential real estate in the GTA. Eventually it will cause real pain when people’s CERB cheques will not be enough to cover the increase in the price of food. That’s when maybe some people will realize that they need to stand up and protest for their right to work and earn their own living.

Ultimately, we will never get our rights back until we have enough people join us in the protests. I am here because I want people to know where they can find us, when they are in such pain that they finally wake up and decide that they too need to get up and stand up for their rights: No more lockdowns; no more vaccines; no more bioethical violations; no more destruction of liberty; no more Ground Hog Day. We must rise up.

(This speech was first given on July 4, 2021, at the Vaughan Protest at Bathurst and Rutherford).

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