“Do as I say, not as I do!” The COVID 19 Hypocrites

By Peter W. Dunn, PhD

Throughout these long lockdown measures, I never believed that they would either help nor that they were necessary. I watched a video (removed by YouTube) by epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski, that convinced me that even if lockdowns actually worked, they would only extend the time it would take to get over the so-called “pandemic” and sure enough, what was original two weeks to flatten the curve, has become nearly two years to flatten everything.

So I’ve acted with integrity. Every week I am out here protesting because I believe that the real threat to our lives isn’t a virus. It’s the destruction of freedom. Totalitarianism is much more dangerous than this pandemic. In the 20th century, totalitarianism killed, by the most conservative estimates, at least one million people for every year of that century, including some of the relatives of people here–in the Holocaust which alone killed at least six million Jewish people in Europe. But totalitarianism doesn’t just kill people with gas chambers. It has other ways of killing, such as by destroying your livelihood–shutting your business so that you can’t make a living for yourself; or persecuting your synagogue or church so that your spiritual raison d’etre is destroyed; or not allowing your children to go to school, so that they remain in the squalor of ignorance.

Among the tyrants in today’s pandemic are many hypocrites. They decree our loss of freedoms, but they don’t really believe their own rhetoric. They have created fear, but they themselves are not afraid. And if COVID 19 is this deadly pandemic, then I venture that these people would be the first to retreat, just as the nobles and kings and queens during the Black Death would flee to their country retreats to survive while people in the cities perished. But have our leaders fled? Not hardly. They have continued their normal lives while decreeing our total and complete loss of human rights: closed our business, our borders, and our schools. They’ve put masks on us and put us under house arrest. Except when they know that they are on camera, our tyrants themselves do not follow the rules–which is the proof that they don’t believe the rules actually work or apply to their nobility.

Internationally, the most prominent example of hypocrisy is perhaps UK prognosticator Neil Ferguson of Imperial College, whose extreme predictions of the number of people who would die based upon his modeling scared the crap out of everyone. Millions would die, he predicted, if we don’t lock down. And what he do. He broke lockdown rules to commit adultery, admittedly with a very pretty woman. Evidently, he didn’t think that a communicable disease was too dangerous that he should avoid a booty call. I don’t think he ever mentioned wearing masks during the act to protect from COVID 19, as Canada’s pedestrian Chief Public Health officer, Theresa Tam has recommended.

Anthony Fauci, whose real job is to commit crimes against humanity by funding China’s bioweapons program at Wuhan, so-called “gain of function” research to develop more lethal and contagious viruses like SARS COV 2, has been caught on camera maskless: One minute he throws the errant pitch with a mask on in the middle of the baseball field; the next minute he is in the stands with no mask on. He never believed that the masks would protect him–that’s what he originally said. But when apparently when he saw the potential masks to create fear, he decided that we all had to wear them.

Fauci caught with his mask down

Speaking of mask mandates, have we forgotten that the first casualty in Ontario was a man who walked into a grocery store without a mask and refused, got into a scuffle with the store’s staff, allegedly assaulted someone, fled the scene, was chased down by the cops and shot to death? Not one person had been saved by masks but already one person was dead by police. So don’t tell me that mask mandates are not deadly.

Justin Trudeau traveled to his cottage against social distancing rules imposed on everyone else (visiting his family who were not living with him at the time)–this required crossing the provincial border. He also has traveled to Europe while telling Canadians that they shouldn’t travel. He meets with international dignitaries but doesn’t wear a mask. He embraces them, but tells us that we must social distance. He is in favor of the Great Reset, is happy with all the lockdown rules, because it helped them to reduce carbon emissions, something that they couldn’t convince people to do without scaring the hell out of them with a fake pandemic. He doesn’t believe himself that there really is a pandemic–his behaviour tells us otherwise.

Premiers are also hypocrites. Jason Kenny is putting pastors in prison for holding outdoor services, meanwhile he was pictured meeting with others in an outdoor restaurant, and later apologized for always following COVID 19 social distancing protocols. I don’t have a problem with anyone eating a meal outside but Mr. Kenny should set the pastors free to do their jobs of shepherding the people. Kenny is now the most notorious persecutor of Christian pastors in Canada, and in his province, pastors have been arrested and denied bail.

But Kenny is not the only hypocritical premier. In Doug Ford‘s Ontario, Jews and Christians were told not to have Seder suppers or Easter dinners in their homes; they were threatened with $100,000 fines and one year in jail under the emergency acts and $1,000,000 and three years in prison under the Federal Quarantine Act, if they had another person from another household to their house. But what did Doug Ford do? He had his own children over on Mother’s Day. But did he get a fine from the OPP or other police agency? Not that I heard. Not $100,000. Nor $1,000,000. He wasn’t even given any fine at all. So he is a hypocrite, whose police fine innocent families for going out an exercising outdoors. Evidently, Doug Ford doesn’t really believe that COVID 19 is a real threat–otherwise, why would he risk his own life or that of his daughters and their families if it were real? One of Doug Ford’s flew off to St. Barth’s in violation of Doug Ford’s rules– Rod Phillips. Let me tell you something about St. Barth’s because I’ve been there. It is a billionaires’ island and if you are just a humble millionaire, they look down their noses at you and won’t serve you. So evidently, if you are finance minister of a province, the billionaires might want to treat you to a nice little holiday. Doug Ford knew that his finance minister was vacationing there, but then Ford claimed that he would take full responsibility and so he fired the finance minister. Ford should have resigned himself. Ford is a shameful man and should not be trusted with any level political leadership. He shut down non-essential businesses bankrupting thousand of people. Meanwhile, his own label business is doing robust business selling COVID 19 protocol labels to stores, so that you know how far to stand from someone and which direction you are supposed to go up and down aisles (see video below).

My friend and pastor in Anchorage, Alaska, Kent Redfearn said something about 35 years ago that stuck with me all these years, “No matter what we say, we live out our priorities.” This is similar to the age-old adage, “Actions speak louder than words.” The hypocrisy of our tyrants demonstrates that they do not themselves believe that lockdowns are necessary, because they themselves don’t follow them. They aren’t fleeing cities to their country estates to wait out the pandemic as the royals of the past used to do during the plague. They are laughing at us, as they continue to enjoy regular life while imposing lockdown fines on the rest of us.

[This speech was delivered at the anti-lockdown protest at Bathurst and Rutherford, on June 20, 2021]

3 thoughts on ““Do as I say, not as I do!” The COVID 19 Hypocrites

  1. Good Job, but let us call them for what they truly are, they do not follow the same “health measures” in private or any where else they may travel too, because they KNOW this is NOT a true pandemic, it’s ALL a lie, the true medical science proves them wrong.

    So what does this mean? It means that ALL in government, the health services, police, and main stream media’s are willingly pushing a genocide agenda. The “Jabs” are totally poisonous, and none of them have taken it, be assured on that point!

    They are murderer’s, liars, theives, falsely accusing law abiding citizen’s as criminals, while they still are raking in their pay checks from tax payers, while pushing a killing machine agenda!
    They are working for their master…….the one who works all manner of evil.

    • You may be a preacher with your spiritual pride
      You may be a city councilman taking bribes on the side
      You may be workin’ in a barbershop, you may know how to cut hair
      You may be somebody’s mistress, may be somebody’s heir
      But you’re gonna have to serve somebody, yes
      You’re gonna have to serve somebody
      Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord
      But you’re gonna have to serve somebody

      Bob Dylan

  2. Bob Dylan, never liked his type of music. However these words ring true. We need to make sure we call them out that serve and work evil. However God does the Judging of unbelievers, and Vengeance is Mine, saith the Lord. Whoa to those that work evil…..it will be a terror for them.

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