Sugar: The bitter truth, by Robert H. Lustig

This is my counter to all my Facebook friends who share sugary recipes.  Dr. Robert H. Lustig is the intellectual heir Dr. John Yudkin, who proved the toxicity of sugar in early 1970s in his book Pure White and Deadly.  Sugar contributes to health problems like obesity, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, MS, mental problems including depression, and inflammation.  This is just the beginning of woes.

4 thoughts on “Sugar: The bitter truth, by Robert H. Lustig

  1. Thank you for your article. I am a diabetic and my husband has cancer. I never looked at sugar being a cause/affect of cancer. It is my understanding that starving oneself from sugar makes cancer cells have no where to go. Therefore it can remain dormant. We are trying this with my husbands cancer having high hopes we aren’t too late. As a diabetic I will try to have the same diet with him. I have all the complications of diabetes so hopefully this diet will alleviate some of them and try to reduce the amount of medications used.

  2. Sugar raises uric acid (causing inflammation, causes hepatic insulin resistance (raising systemic insulin levels chronically, which blocks leptin in the brain from lowering appetite/increasing energy expenditure), among other things. Lustig is much more careful to say “it’s dose dependent” than he use too.

    Thin people absorb less fructose than the obese (bacterial gasses from the fructose going further down the gut due to less absorbtion are detected on the thin.) Thin people also aren’t as upregulated in fructokinase so they don’t process fructose as quickly creating all the metabolic mess. Typically, thin people will convert 5-10% of the fructose into fat via DNL (denovo lipogenesis). Fat people typically convert 30%. Once that liver fat gets settled, it’s only a matter of time to increase pancratic fat as well which blocks the beta cells from releasing insulin killing the first phase insulin response.

    Once that happens, you typically need a PSMF for 8 weeks or bariatric surgery to clear the pancreatic fat to restore beta cell function to get first phase response back.


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