A Dhimmi in the White House

Obama bows to his master

Obama bows to his master

President Barak Hussein Obama in an act of dhimmitude and submission bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.  Moussa can probably clarify for us better the Muslim custom, but it is apparently some Muslims consider it indecorous for Muslim to bow to anyone other than Allah, but this is disputed.  It is perhaps acceptable for a non-Muslim dhimmi to bow to his Muslim master.  I mused that if  BHO were actual a Muslim pretending to be a liberal Christian, as some have suggested, he would have known not to bow to a king.  But since he does, this is the strongest evidence to date Obama is not a Muslim, despite his inadvertant reference to his Muslim faith.  Some say that the President of the US should never bow in this manner and show submission to any king–we are after all a sovereign country because we defeated the King of England in a battle for independence.  For the POTUS to bow to anyone would be humiliation of our sovereignty.

I conclude the act is not proper protocol, and it is the biggest foreign policy gaffe that President Obama has made to date.  It shows an ignorance of and a disrespect for the office.  It’s going to be a very long four years.

The video (Obama’s bow is at 0:55; note all of the foreign leaders nod to one another.  Obama, the rookie, is the only one who bows) :

hat tip:  Clarice Feldman, American Thinker

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