Paternalism and how it works

This post first appeared at the Isaac Brock Society.

Bayaka pygmies in Central African Republic, photo by Peter W. Dunn

I have been reflecting over the last few days on the question of paternalism as a type of leadership. I talked this over with my next door neighbor from Burkina Faso with a PhD from Laval University (Quebec), as he has some experience in Africa with paternalistic leadership styles. His own country is a former colony of France and continues within a neocolonial, paternalistic relationship with France, and he also experiences paternalism in his church-missionary relationships. Here are the main points that he and I discussed (though I am entirely responsible for this write-up):

  1. A relationship of protection: In a paternal relationship, the superior party is more powerful than the inferior and is therefore able to provide protection, benefits or honors to the inferior party in exchange for obedience. However, in paternalism, the superior forces the inferior to accept this protection. The Canadian government forced the children of aboriginal people into residential schools. The inferior must accept this protection and usually has no choice in the matter, because with disobedience comes the withdrawal of protection, loss of privileges, or even violent punishment. Continue reading

These are the Neanderthals that claim the right to tax you no matter where you live

Some Americans disturb me. Yesterday, a commenter told me to eff-off on my timeline on Facebook. I had expressed opinions at Think Progress that he didn’t appreciate so he came over and told me to eff myself (but he used the real f-word). Later he took down his comment. Still, we cannot judge an entire country on the basis of isolated trolls on the internet, who may only be interested writing offensive comments in order to piss you off. However, some months ago, I received from a former US government employee a private email that mocked me because I am a Christian. Of course, this same man also scorned my views on his own blog (without mentioning me or the Isaac Brock Society by name), but to take it to the level of sending me a taunt to my personal email is somehow barbaric. This former government employee undoubtedly has a very high opinion of himself. But why do these Americans drop the level of conversation to a child’s game, whereby they get their five-year old jollies? The man that told me to eff-off on Facebook claimed that he represented the majority of Americans, judging by the last two presidential elections. So alleged US persons, please meet your persecutor: the Obama voter.

These Neanderthals elected the Obama regime, the same regime that enacted the HIRE Act (2010) with its FATCA provisions. These are the same Neanderthals that are telling Canadian citizens that they must cross the border with a US passport, then entrapping them with FATCA into paying taxes to the US Treasury, in violation of the Master Nationality Rule. But what makes us think that these cavemen would understand international law when they don’t even understand their own laws? Insisting that a Canadian citizen cross the border with a US passport is a clear violation of that person’s right to expatriate, a fundamental right. They should be saying, “Sir, if you have relinquished your US citizenship, you need to inform the US Consulate nearest you and obtain a Certificate of Loss of Nationality.” But instead they act like total prats and say, “You are an American until we tell you that you aren’t!” Well actually, sir, that is not what the law says. The law says that a person who commits a relinquishing act with intent is no longer an American–it is not a question of whether they have informed a US State Department, and you would know that if you weren’t an imbecile. But how can we expect the Neanderthals who guard the border to know the law when their counterparts at the State Department are such ignoramuses? Here are some comments yesterday at Isaac Brock from MyKitty (emphasis mine):

I had my appointment at the U.S. embassy … and it didn’t go well.

Just a recap – I am a dual citizen by birth (us/can). I worked for the federal government. I requested a CLN backdated to when I began working for the government. I had the contents of my employee file, including the oath that I signed.

I was told that the only way a dual citizen by birth could get rid of U.S. citizenship was to 1) renounce 2) commit an act of treason.

Has anyone else been told this?

The agent told me that she was going to recommend that my request be denied. I insisted that she send all of my documentation to the lawyers in Washington anyway. She said she had denied three of these cases recently. …

I don’t think the agent even knew of 4(a) and/or 4(b) of the Section 349 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1481).

MyKitty did the right thing. Stand your ground! When you go to the US Consulate you must know your rights and the law, because you can’t expect those who receive a full-time salary from the US government to know them. They have violated one of the oldest principles of common law in the English-speaking world: those who enforce the law must know the law. But these American enforcers are dumb and dumber. And this has caused them to become international rights violators of the first order: by denying the Universal Human Right to change one’s nationality.

In 2010, I first learned of the construction of the New Berlin Wall, a provision to tax citizens who relinquish their US citizenship whose wealth exceeds US $2,000,000. This law, called HEROES Act, made me so angry that I decided then and there that I would expatriate, and applied for Canadian citizenship immediately. On February 28, 2011, I became a Canadian and filed, in June, 2012, my final tax forms (2011 1040; Form 8854); I managed to stay well below the $2,000,000 dollar threshold. (One must relinquish citizenship and file the final forms only after receiving the CLN.) Adios, America!

This post originally appeared at the Isaac Brock Society.

While I was preparing to relinquish, it was only when I learned about FBAR and then later FATCA that I became panicky. I experienced many of the symptoms about which many of our readers complain after learning: stress, panic attacks, sleepless nights, weight gain. I especially felt the indignation of becoming a targeted, oppressed person abused by a country which was out of control. This country abuses its expats but considers itself superior to everyone else, and so condemns the only other country with citizenship-based taxation, Eritrea. This is hypocritical to say the least, but I doubt that the average policy maker in the US even is aware of the contradiction. Even the average elite student, who thinks he or she is smarter than everyone else, isn’t nearly as damn smart as she thinks she is. Consider the following question: What is the capital of Canada? Do you think that the elite students at Harvard should know the capital of Canada? Harvard is America’s most prestigious institution, the alma mater of Obama, Bush, and Kennedy. Well, these Harvard students themselves think they should know it, judging by their embarrassed responses:

Americans are not nearly as smart as they think they are. And this is an extremely volatile situation: arrogant ignorance is the worst kind. Finally, I want to apologize for calling these Americans Neanderthals, because it is an insult to the true Neanderthals.

Avoid the scrutiny of FATCA/FBAR/Form 8938 by putting your gold in an offshore safety deposit box

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Simon Black (Do I Have To Report My Offshore Gold…?) asks whether custodial gold “accounts” (e.g., James Turk’s Gold Money) fall under FATCA provisions and his people think so. However, gold kept in a safety deposit box would not fall under FATCA:

What’s more, in all of those 544 pages, there is not a single mention of the words, “gold”, “silver”, or “precious metals”. So there’s still quite a bit of mystery with respect to the question, “Do I have to report my offshore gold…?”

I’m still having my team go through the rules; after an initial read, though, the language of the regulation does suggest that custodial gold institutions (like GoldMoney, etc.) should be reported. Offshore safety deposit boxes (like Das Safe) do not.

This is good news for “structuralists” like myself. In a discussion with Just Me, I learned that my suggestion of opening a few extra accounts to get one’s total over 25 (thus avoiding a detailed FBAR) could be “structuring”. Structuring is the practice of breaking up a single large transactions into multiple transactions below the reporting threshold. See what happened to this Greek American couple: My Big FAT IRS case. A US Person in Canada could withdraw funds from their FATCA covered account, until it is below $50,000, and then buy legal tender gold coins (Maple Leaf). These coins would go into safe storage–meaning it would be safe from burglers and from the snooping noses of the IRS, for such coins would not be reportable under FATCA, FBAR, or Form 8938. But almost certainly, it would be a violation of United States law for you or me to exercise our Canadian freedom to buy legal tender coins minted by the Royal Canadian Mint and legally purchased in a legitimate Canadian business, providing all kinds of jobs to Canadians. You would become a structuralist.

For those readers in Canada, I suggest that you take few seconds and take a deep breath. Breath in that Canadian air. Isn’t that good? That’s because you are breathing freedom–freedom from the tyranny of the United States.

Bear in mind also the ramifications of these legal tender coins for Form 8854. The current retail buy price of the Maple gold (1 oz of super fine gold, purity of 0.9999) is about $1650 (See Canadian PMX in the Toronto Area), but its face value under legal tender laws is $50 CDN. So let me ask the question: when reporting on Form 8854, does one report the legal tender value or the intrinsic value of legal tender coins? If you had ten million US quarters, you would have to report their face value on Form 8854 (US $2.5 million). It would be illegal to report only the intrinsic value of the coins (ca. $500,000). This is because the US quarter is a legal tender coin and its reportable value is what is marked on the coin. So therefore, if you have 6,000 Gold Maple Leaf coins, you would be required to report CDN $300,000 on Form 8854. Accuse me of being a structuralist vis-a-vis United States law. Just do it! But I am obeying the laws of Canada where I live.

There are some people who say that gold is not a good investment, such as the crony capitalist extraordinaire Warren Buffet. Others point to the gold chart and say that this is why gold is a bad investment. Well, I admit that that argument is slightly counter-intuitive.

Goldman Sachs says gold will go down $500: LOL

The Financial Post has repeated a Business Insider article about Goldman Sach’s prediction that gold will go down $500.  Here is my comment:

The National Post loses credibility with these Business Insider “articles”. Henry Blodget, the founder of Business Insider lost his right to trade in the US when he openly pumped stocks but then said privately that they were worthless. Others are just partisan hacks who write anything to make the Obama administration seem credible or the US economy seem stable.

The facts are that the interest rate can’t go up because that would cause the economy to collapse. The United States can’t stop monetizing its debt because it has too large a debt, too large a budget deficit and unfunded liabilities in excess of 60 trillion dollars. So the factors which cause the gold to go up are actually becoming stronger not weaker.

Goldman Sachs is one of the banks that is trying to manipulate the price of gold down, and their report that gold will drop $500 is a case of short and dump on–i.e., the opposite of pump and dump–in short and dump on, you first short something, then you loudly claim as publicly as possible that it is going to go down for whatever reason.

When I went to the Canadian PMX in December there were no one oz. coins or bars of gold or silver. They said they would have delivery in January, which they did around the second week. Get it while you can. Imagine the price of gas went down to 50 cents a litre but you went to the gas station only to find out that it was going to be a couple weeks or more before they had any gas. Well, a lot of good it does to have falling prices if there is none to be had. The prices of gold and silver are manipulated and the world markets are a broken price setting mechanism. That is because of the large short positions (paper gold) sold by the bullion banks. While there is abundant paper traded every day, the actual physical gold and silver is scarce.

Election day: Get revenge, vote!

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I am living, for now, in exile from my land of birth. In a new article at, George Prior explains my situation, “FATCA Critic Fears Arrest by US Authorities“. When George Prior contacted me, I had no idea he would write an article about me nor that he would focus on my fear of returning to the United States. This article appears on Election Day=Revenge Day.

While campaigning, Obama said to a crowd booing Romney, “Get revenge. Vote.” Well, US expats who have suffered the indignities of being treated like criminals without probable clause through the requirement of revealing private information, threats of imprisonment and excessive fines, can get revenge. Some expats who joined the OVDI program have received extortionate penalties designed for homelanders who put money in Swiss bank accounts to hide it from the IRS and avoid paying taxes. I have Canadian accounts to be sure. But I live here in Canada and I pay more taxes than the majority of homelandersHomelanders have never even heard of GST/HST. I pay my fair share.

I can’t vote as I was forced to give up my US citizenship and my right ever to return and to live again in my country of Birth. I and many others here have suffered at the hands of President Barack Hussein Obama. He has allowed the IRS to hound expats, one could even say that he has sicked his dog on expats. Who is to blame: Republican George ‘Dubya’ Bush for signing 2008 HEROES Act which instituted an exit tax for those who would relinquish their citizenship. A democratically controlled Congress pass the legislation and Barack Obama voted for it. The same democrats in Congress passed the 2010 HIRE act, and President Obama signed it; HIRE included the FATCA legislation which tries to force our banks to rat on US expats, even when we are dual citizens of our countries of residence. Yes, Democrats are to blame. But then the lamentable Reed Amendment, which bans those who expatriate for tax purposes, was passed by a Republican Congress and signed by a Democrat President Bill Clinton. We are hounded by dogs of both breeds.

Thus, I urge people to vote against Obama–while not endorsing Romney. I can’t vote. I’ve already lost my citizenship and fear returning to the United States. This is Obama’s America: persecuting and torturing United States citizens living abroad. Yes, I consider forcing an expat to give up the right to return to his or her native land a form of torture:

Exile is torture, and torture is universally condemned around the world. The Ex-Patriot Act would permanently separate persons from their heritage and their families — children from parents, brothers from sisters, nieces and nephews from beloved aunts and uncles. It tears people away from communities and friends. Exile would destroy their lives. It is psychological warfare, condemning people to years of regret, bitterness, and rage.

The above words, I wrote about the torture of being banned as a result of the Ex-Patriot Act. But my fear of arrest at the border for spurning the FBAR filing requirement also results in exile and torture.

Please, there is a way to avenge me and thousands of other expats in my situation. Vote for Obama, NOT.

PS: I will likely e-mail this to members of my family.