Out of the fry pan: on playing musical trading accounts (UPDATED)

Update: I am happy and relieved to say that the rest of my US positions have been moved now to TD Waterhouse. It is now only a matter of getting them to transfer any remaining dividends will be paid on the 15th of June. Also, I’ve learned the reason for Penson Worldwide’s financial woes: a bad bet on a horse race track.

(NB: I’ve started to see my final positions show from Questrade show up in my TD Waterhouse US funds account after I published this post–so good news. I’ve got my fingers crossed for now.)

In the Spring of 2011, when I was in the process of getting out of the United States tax system, my lawyer advised that I move my accounts out of TD Waterhouse into a company that had no holdings in the United States, as he thought the US could hold TD’s US assets as leverage against me. So I took his advice, and moved my bank accounts to a credit union and my investment accounts to Questrade, a Canadian only company. Thus, if things got nasty with FATCA, I would create distance between me and the United States. I wonder how many US laws I broke doing this.

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