The United States taxes foreigners via deficit spending

Cross posted at the Isaac Brock Society.

Americans keep repeating the meme that Federal deficit spending is borrowing from the next generation. This is not entirely true. Deficit spending creates more debt, and debt creates a larger money supply, and a larger money supply is the quintessential definition of inflation. Inflation soon results in increased prices for everything.

Henry Hazlett wrote in his important primer, Economics in one lesson (pdf), p. 19-20 (emphasis mine):

Everything we get, outside of the free gifts of nature, must in some way be paid for. The world is full of socalled economists who in turn are full of schemes for getting something for nothing. They tell us that the government can spend and spend without taxing at all; that it can continue to pile up debt without ever paying it off, because “we owe it to ourselves/’ We shall return to such extraordinary doctrines at a later point. Here I am afraid that we shall have to be dogmatic, and point out that such pleasant dreams in the past have always been shattered by national insolvency or a runaway inflation. Here we shall have to say simply that all government expenditures must eventually be paid out of die proceeds of taxation; that to put off the evil day merely increases the problem, and that inflation itself is merely a form, and a particularly vicious form, of taxation.

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