Obama’s birth and Ockham’s razor

Before the election in November 2008, a pro-Obama website published a Certificate of Live Birth.  Here is that an alleged copy of that document that the Daily Kos had published:

BO_Birth_Certificate kosThis document does not include many important data which are available on a long-form birth certificate, such as the name of the hospital, the physician who attended the birth, the hospital administrator, and the weight of the baby.  The alleged Mombasa birth certificate offers such information for verification or disapproval.  And so I invite anyone with accurate information to help us to discern its authenticity.

There is also the possibility that three of Obama’s relatives in claimed to be eyewitnesses of his birth in Mombasa.  This creates a problem for Obama, and it is imperative for him to release his birth records under seal by the State of Hawaii in order to set this problem to rest. That would be the transparent thing to do.  But I have observed and have read that some Africans sometimes have a problem with transparency.  Obama has refused to release his long-form birth records, choosing instead to pay thousands of dollars in legal fees to keep them sealed.

This leads to the question of why he has refused to release these records.  I would suggest that the simplest solution is the best, i.e., Ockham’s razor.  There is something in the birth record that could lead to the conclusion that the Barack Hussein Obama is not eligible for the office of President of the United States of America.  These documents could reveal that he was not really born in Hawaii or that he was adopted by his step-father Soetoro, in which case he would have Indonesian citizenship.  Clearly, if there was no problem with the birth records he would release them.

It is curious that when I first received an American passport, I had to provide my long-form birth certificate.  When I applied for my Canadian Permanent Resident card, I also had to provided proof that I am resident of Canada.  Why is it that a man can run for POTUS and not provide an authentic long-form birth certificate?

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