The heart bleeds: the IRS is downsizing

From Bloomberg:

The agency, which had 94,711 workers in fiscal 2010, plans to accept no more than 1,600 buyout applications. A second round of buyouts could follow. The Obama administration has said that as many as 4,000 IRS jobs could be cut over the next year, including some that would reduce tax enforcement and collections.

Some months ago the IRS was hiring 800 employees to go after corporate cheaters and offshore tax shelters.  I guess the word is that going after innocent Canadians and other Americans Abroad is as lucrative as they thought, and now they have to downsize.  As the Germans say, “Schade” from which we get the word Schadenfreude.

But this was my idea: that the IRS would want to tax the world, but that it would just not bringing enough income chasing people’s fleeing capital, and the mental midgets in Washington would eventually realize that its time to shrink government.  The only other choice is to devalue the dollar, after which no one will want to work for the government in any case, because its currency is worthless.

Perhaps it was premature of me to declare open war with the IRS. Maybe I should have just let them burn themselves out on their own.  My heart bleeds.  My enemy falleth on his own sword.

2 thoughts on “The heart bleeds: the IRS is downsizing

  1. Does, this administration have a single clue what it is even doing? First they are hiring eight hundred people, now they are costing four thousand others their jobs.

    • Well it’s a start. As a libertarian, I think that the way you get more economic growth is by stepping aside and letting it happen. I don’t think that hiring 800 people to go after an increasingly recalcitrant international citizenry is the way to cure the problem. Downsizing government, then, is going to happen before or after the currency is debased. If it happens before, then at least there can be some deliberate preparation.

      If the IRS keeps barking up the wrong tree, for example, scaring the hell out of Canadians, they will use up their own resources without any kind of adequate ROR (return on investment) because we don’t owe them anything. The fact that they will get a few hundred thousand more returns from Canadians, means that they will use up staff to read and acknowledge those returns, with not a penny of actual revenue. I am actually full of glee over their stupidity, and I am not afraid. Because they will eventually realize that they are wasting tax payers money pursuing FBAR from poor Canadians–and other normal middle class Americans around the planet. What stupidity!!

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