Americans getting group therapy at U.S. Consulate in Toronto

Hi Obama, Geitner, Senator Levin?  Are any of you aware that the Toronto consulate explained to a group of 22 Americans how to jump the New Berlin Wall last month.  The Globe and Mail has an article telling about this group therapy session.  The illness:  American citizenship.  The cure:  Renunciation of citizenship.

The salient quote:

A U.S. embassy official played down the significance of the renunciation meeting. He said consular officials were responding to calls and requests for information prompted by a flurry of media coverage about the tax crackdown.

“We simply decided it was more efficient to have everybody come as a group and talk to everyone at once, rather than doing it individually,” the official said. “It was simply a time-management decision.”

For those interested in therapy, the cost is $450 per renunciation.