Rush tries to repeat Hu Jintao [updated]

Recent attempts by Rush Limbaugh to mimic Hu Jintao have offended some people, perhaps especially those in the Asian American community.

As a francophone, I’d like to add how offended I was by an episode of Friends where Joey fakes the French language:

Meanwhile, Catherine Tate insults the entire world community by mocking seven languages, one from every major continent:

This language mocking must stop now!

UPDATE:  Andrew suggested a couple of more really outrageous examples of language mimicry:

And how about this? Jacques Clouseau trying to speak English.  This is an outrage to all French people trying to learn English:

2 thoughts on “Rush tries to repeat Hu Jintao [updated]

  1. P.W. Dunn,
    Its always going to happen, there’s always going to be a barrier between people who speak different languages. In class the other day one Asian professor of mine said that all white people looked the same. She meant no harm, but it is just a result of a lack of diversity in other nations, other than the melting pot which is America.

  2. Those who condemn Rush Limbaugh for making a humorous and light-hearted imitation of Hu Jintao would perhaps condone the comedic art of others (Steve Martin, et al.). But because he is conservative talk radio and they hate him to begin with, they immediately condemn his comedy as racist. Perhaps they would allow that other such examples are just actually really funny. The four examples here show that Limbaugh is in line with a pretty common practice of making humor out of inarticulate imitations of other languages. If condemning Limbaugh would require also eliminating the humor of Martin, Friends, Tate and Family Guy, the world would be poorer for it.

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