Rush tries to repeat Hu Jintao [updated]

Recent attempts by Rush Limbaugh to mimic Hu Jintao have offended some people, perhaps especially those in the Asian American community.

As a francophone, I’d like to add how offended I was by an episode of Friends where Joey fakes the French language:

Meanwhile, Catherine Tate insults the entire world community by mocking seven languages, one from every major continent:

This language mocking must stop now!

UPDATE:  Andrew suggested a couple of more really outrageous examples of language mimicry:

And how about this? Jacques Clouseau trying to speak English.  This is an outrage to all French people trying to learn English:

The Secret of Rush Limbaugh’s Success

Rush Limbaugh is a conservative talk radio host in the United States with over 20,000,000 listeners a week, making his program the single most watched or listened to source of news in the USA. Not surprisingly, Rush Limbaugh is demonized by the mainstream media as a right-wing extremist. For his listeners, however, he is a breath of fresh air. One constant desire on the part of the Left in America is to come up with a counterpart, the liberal Rush Limbaugh. Attempts have been made on the Left to do this, but no one has succeeded. Yet on the Right, numerous radio talk show hosts have repeated Rush’s success (e.g., Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham). Why is this?
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