Business Insider does it again: Media malpractice

In previous post, I’d mentioned how a picture of an native in my hometown of Anchorage, Alaska, did not fit the Business Insider’s narrative.  I don’t know where these folks get their pictures.  The screen shot looks like this appears on the headline to an article by Joe Weisenthal:

It doesn’t really look like the India Stock Market to me.  That looks like this (click on image for source):


Notice it is all men wearing shirts and no ties.  There are no veiled women wearing hats. No crescent moon knives.  The Business Insider provides images for their articles which are inconsistent with reality, but it does say something about their knowledge or rather their prejudices about India.  I wonder what the source of the picture is.  Furthermore, I wonder if it is indeed a picture of the India stock market as Joe Weisenthal’s use of it would suggest.  If anyone knows the source of the picture, please let me know.  If I am wrong, mea culpa in advance.  But my instincts tell me there is something wrong with this picture.

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