The education bubble I: Geography

Many have begun to write about the education bubble and I thought from time to time I would add a post about it.  Education is one of the sectors that show how badly government can wreck something given a chance.  I for one don’t think that taxpayers should have to pay for public education when the product is as bad as what is coming out of our schools–mind you, as a childless person, I feel it is unfair for me to pay for it at all.

Let’s consider this video of high school graduate, Kellie Pickler, and tell me whether the taxpayers got their money’s worth:

5 thoughts on “The education bubble I: Geography

  1. Kellie is smart, works hard and she’s more successful than most COLLEGE grads, in fact she raised $50,000 for charity in 1 hour by doing this show. So yes, taxpayers got their money’s worth. Kellie answered more questions correctly than some college grads, so did they get their money’s worth? Never judge anyone from an appearance on a game show intended to trip them up. I’ve seen college grads with good jobs who can’t spell. No big deal.

    • Hi!

      She seems like a wonderful person. And she was absolutely winsome in this video clip. But she apparently doesn’t know the first thing about geography–such as the distinction between a continent and a country, that Hungary is a country, that Budapest is in Hungary. So what exactly did she learn in grades K-12 that was worth the thousands that taxpayers had to pay for that? Working hard, being smart, etc. is not learned in expensive public education, but they are things one is born with and which we learn from our parents. What is exactly is the purpose of high school? Certainly the result we are getting from K-12 isn’t worth the billions that we are paying.

  2. Google the movie “Waiting for Superman.” We should go see it … even though it’s produced by the guy who did “An Inconvenient Truth.”

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