Barack Obama: An Intellectual Fraud and Liar?

Plagiarism is a form of academic cheating which is universally condemned but nevertheless widespread because of growing dependence on electronic sources.  There are other forms of academic cheating:  (1) Having someone else write a paper for you; (2) Having someone else take an exam for you.  These academic crimes are serious attempts at intellectual misrepresentation; the person who commits them is trying to represent himself as smarter than he really is.  Academic cheating should result in the immediate expulsion of the student.

At the American Thinker, Jack Cashill has written a series of convincing articles showing that Bill Ayers is actually the ghost author of Dreams of my Father. This is based on a strong argument of literary criticism finding numerous and uncanny parallels between Obama’s Dreams and Ayer’s own memoir. Based upon their reading of Dreams, many have claimed that Barack Obama is a towering intellect, much smarter than George W. Bush.  If Bill Ayers, the domestic terrorist, wrote Dreams of my Father then (1) Obama is an intellectual fraud, because he has represented this book as his own work; (2) Obama has also lied about his palling around with Bill Ayers–remember that Sarah Palin accused Obama of palling around with terrorists, and he denied that they were close; if Ayers wrote Dreams, or even had a significant role of any kind, then Obama has lied about their relationship.

Today, Jack Cashill has exposed the smoking gun, lines in a new book by Christopher Anderson, Barack and Michelle:  Portrait of an American Marriage:

In his new book, “Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage,” Best-selling celebrity journalist, Christopher Andersen, has blown a huge hole in the Obama genius myth without intending to do so.

Relying on inside sources, quite possibly Michelle Obama herself, Andersen describes how Dreams came to be published — just as I had envisioned it in my articles on the authorship of Dreams. With the deadline pressing, Michelle recommended that Barack seek advice from “his friend and Hyde Park neighbor Bill Ayers.”

To flesh out his family history, Obama had taped interviews with various family members. Andersen writes, “These oral histories, along with a partial manuscript and a truckload of notes, were given to Ayers.” Andersen quotes a Hyde Park neighbor, “Everyone knew they were friends and that they worked on various projects together. It was no secret. Why would it be? People liked them both.”

Andersen continues, “In the end, Ayers’s contribution to Barack’s Dreams From My Father would be significant–so much so that the book’s language, oddly specific references, literary devices, and themes would bear a jarring similarity to Ayers’s own writing.”

I cannot recommend Thomas Lifson’s American Thinker enough.  It is one of the best sites on the WWW; it is the best source of conservative thought and reporting on contemporary events that I know.

Update:  Ron Radosh has caused me to attenuate the tone of this post considerably, since he suggests that Christopher Anderson may not be completely reliable:

Now Andersen gives no sources or names; the Obamas did not cooperate with him. Skeptics will argue that we have no way of knowing whether his claims can be verified, and we have no way of knowing the veracity of those he interviewed. Who, for example, was the Hyde Park neighbor he spoke with? Some might even argue that he reached his conclusion after reading Cashill’s original blog, without citing it. Andersen faces the same credibility problem Bob Woodward faces, since he is often charged with making outrageous charges in some of his books without offering any proof that conversations he could not have been privy to took place. But Woodward’s use of such a technique never has hurt his reputation. After all, he is Bob Woodward. Reviewers of Andersen’s book have had no compunction in labeling much of what he writes as pure “gossip.”

Update 2:  I have taught in both Canada and Africa, and I have encountered dozens examples of academic cheating.  I am absolutely appalled by it, because at the graduate level, and even the undergraduate level, plagiarism is the sure sign that the student should never have matriculated.  In every case, the administrators of the school wished to take a more lenient stance than I.  I was in every case forced to give in against my better judgment (and against the policy of the school which was not being enforced).  For example, in most cases the plagiarizing student was allowed to redo the assignment.  What kind of punishment is that?  There is no deterrent if the student will just be allowed to redo the paper.   Now we have a US president who has committed academic fraud.  It will only be when he has made a complete disaster of the greatest nation in the world that we will see that plagiarism is a serious crime.

I found it humiliating once to have been reprimanded by an academic dean for giving an African my musings on plagiarism (written months beforehand) in which I said that as any monkey can imitate human gesture, so also any poor student can copy words from books and represent them as his own.  The student felt that I had written these words as a personal attack of him, and of course, for Africans, being compared to monkeys is a example of racism.  So I was made to apologize to the student who had committed academic fraud.  As I become older, I am becoming less tolerant of fraud and less worried about what such administrators think of me.

Sino-US Relations (Updated)

Obama has slapped a 35% tariff on Chinese tires. They are retaliating with other small measures. Obama better be careful. If he angers the Chinese too much they may decide to stop buying US debt: the Chinese are one of the major financiers of the US government’s 1.8 trillion dollar deficit this year. The one who depends on another’s money is not ultimately in control of the relationship.

The following video is available from Techticker:
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Pento says that we need China’s contribution to our debt, and if they don’t buy it, we will be in trouble. This is exactly my point here, where I say that if we don’t borrow the money for the US budget deficit, we will be looking at hyper-inflation.

I have personally taken positions against the dollar by borrowing US currency to invest in a Canadian Oil Company (ERF) and a Caribbean utility company in Grand Caymen (CUP.U, Toronto).

Obama’s birth and Ockham’s razor

Before the election in November 2008, a pro-Obama website published a Certificate of Live Birth.  Here is that an alleged copy of that document that the Daily Kos had published:

BO_Birth_Certificate kosThis document does not include many important data which are available on a long-form birth certificate, such as the name of the hospital, the physician who attended the birth, the hospital administrator, and the weight of the baby.  The alleged Mombasa birth certificate offers such information for verification or disapproval.  And so I invite anyone with accurate information to help us to discern its authenticity.

There is also the possibility that three of Obama’s relatives in claimed to be eyewitnesses of his birth in Mombasa.  This creates a problem for Obama, and it is imperative for him to release his birth records under seal by the State of Hawaii in order to set this problem to rest. That would be the transparent thing to do.  But I have observed and have read that some Africans sometimes have a problem with transparency.  Obama has refused to release his long-form birth records, choosing instead to pay thousands of dollars in legal fees to keep them sealed.

This leads to the question of why he has refused to release these records.  I would suggest that the simplest solution is the best, i.e., Ockham’s razor.  There is something in the birth record that could lead to the conclusion that the Barack Hussein Obama is not eligible for the office of President of the United States of America.  These documents could reveal that he was not really born in Hawaii or that he was adopted by his step-father Soetoro, in which case he would have Indonesian citizenship.  Clearly, if there was no problem with the birth records he would release them.

It is curious that when I first received an American passport, I had to provide my long-form birth certificate.  When I applied for my Canadian Permanent Resident card, I also had to provided proof that I am resident of Canada.  Why is it that a man can run for POTUS and not provide an authentic long-form birth certificate?

Barack Obama’s birth certificate

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Obamas Birth Certificate?

Obama's Birth Certificate?

A man named Lucas Smith claims to have traveled to Mombasa and obtained a copy of Barack Hussein Obama real birth certificate from Coast Province General Hospital.  This alleged birth certificate has a footprint on it that could verify its authenticity.  According to World Net Daily, Smith has signed a affidavit which will be used in a court case against Obama, which will go to trial on begin in January.  Here is a copy of that affidavit:





Smith also made a video of the copy of the alleged birth certificate, which he published on Youtube:

The video does appear to be really taken in Africa.  I’ve been there and that is hard to fake.  But I have no way of knowing if this story is even remotely true, except that the man, Lucas Smith risks perjury if his story is false.  One simple way for Obama to prove he was not born in Kenya is for him to release immediately the long form of the his Hawaiian birth certificate.  Also, he can publish a print of his foot to show that it does not match the one on this alleged birth certificate.

Perhaps our friends in Kenya can offer us some information leading to the verification of whether this document is a fake or possibly authentic.