Barack Obama’s birth certificate

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Obamas Birth Certificate?

Obama's Birth Certificate?

A man named Lucas Smith claims to have traveled to Mombasa and obtained a copy of Barack Hussein Obama real birth certificate from Coast Province General Hospital.  This alleged birth certificate has a footprint on it that could verify its authenticity.  According to World Net Daily, Smith has signed a affidavit which will be used in a court case against Obama, which will go to trial on begin in January.  Here is a copy of that affidavit:





Smith also made a video of the copy of the alleged birth certificate, which he published on Youtube:

The video does appear to be really taken in Africa.  I’ve been there and that is hard to fake.  But I have no way of knowing if this story is even remotely true, except that the man, Lucas Smith risks perjury if his story is false.  One simple way for Obama to prove he was not born in Kenya is for him to release immediately the long form of the his Hawaiian birth certificate.  Also, he can publish a print of his foot to show that it does not match the one on this alleged birth certificate.

Perhaps our friends in Kenya can offer us some information leading to the verification of whether this document is a fake or possibly authentic.