I voted for a convicted felon

Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska was convicted last year during the election campaign of corruption charges in a federal court in Washington D. C.  I voted in the federal election, and I had to choose between the Republican Stevens and the Democrat Mark Begich, former mayor of Anchorage, whose father was the esteemed Congressman Nick Begich who disappeared in a 1972 plane crash while serving Alaska.  I didn’t know how to vote.  I felt that Stevens, an octogenarian should have ceded his place to a younger Republican because of the corruption charges; Alaska Republicans could have found a suitable candidate.  But he did not.  Nevertheless, I could not in good conscience vote for a Democrat.  So I held my nose and voted for a convicted felon for the first time in my life, realizing that, if Stevens won and his appeals were unsuccessful, Governor Sarah Palin would appoint a Republican interim senator until a new election could be held.

The prosecutors, however, withheld exculpatory evidence, and now the judge says it is the worst case of prosecutorial misconduct that he has seen in his 25 year career as a judge.  I believe that prosecutorial misconduct had something to do with the election, because people working for the Justice Department, while under a Republican president, tend to be Democrats.  Thus, they withheld evidence which would have exonerated Stevens, and as a result, in a narrow election, Stevens lost to Begich.  Governor Sarah Palin and the Republican Party of Alaska has called upon Mark Begich to resign so a free and fair election unhindered by the misconduct of the Justice Department might take place, and the will of Alaskans might be honored.  Begich has scoffed at these suggestions.

What is certain is that Alaskans would not have voted for Begich without this tampering of unfair prosecution.  Alaskans have voted Republican consistently in all federal elections since Jimmy Carter and the D2 lands lock up (1978) which angered Alaskans.  The only way the Democrats could win was to play dirty.  I remember being in Anchorage a couple years ago when corruption charges were being discussed in the Anchorage Daily News–that my dad said to me, that ADN is a liberal paper.

Senator Begich is important to the Democrat Party’s ability to pass legislation.  Begich won’t go out willingly.  The freedom of Alaskans to choose their representatives has been taken away.  It’s disgusting.  All Americans should be wary because this is how tyranny begins.

I am now that Stevens is free and innocent of all charges, I am happy to say that my instincts were right about who to vote for.  Also, most if not all of the cheating in federal elections that I’ve been able to see is by liberals; this year it was the specialty of the Obama campaign.  Liberals tend to have low ethical standards.  Does anyone know why?

Senator Ted Stevens

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