I voted for a convicted felon

Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska was convicted last year during the election campaign of corruption charges in a federal court in Washington D. C.  I voted in the federal election, and I had to choose between the Republican Stevens and the Democrat Mark Begich, former mayor of Anchorage, whose father was the esteemed Congressman Nick Begich who disappeared in a 1972 plane crash while serving Alaska.  I didn’t know how to vote.  I felt that Stevens, an octogenarian should have ceded his place to a younger Republican because of the corruption charges; Alaska Republicans could have found a suitable candidate.  But he did not.  Nevertheless, I could not in good conscience vote for a Democrat.  So I held my nose and voted for a convicted felon for the first time in my life, realizing that, if Stevens won and his appeals were unsuccessful, Governor Sarah Palin would appoint a Republican interim senator until a new election could be held.
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