Obama: A friend of terrorists

As we said in an earlier post, Obama is good friends with Bill Ayers, domestic terrorist.  Now his administration is giving funding $200,000 each to the daughter and son of a terrorist.


Hat tip:  Clarice Feldman

There are so many things wrong with Obama’s approach towards terrorists, dictators and thugs.  It would take a book to explain everything that he has done to encourage tyranny and terrorism in the world so far, and it hasn’t even been one year.  Elections do have consequences.

It is this sort of thing that makes the question of his birth certificate important.  The reason that the Constitution of the United States requires that the President be a natural born citizen is to assure, as far as possible, the person’s loyalty to the United States.  I wonder how a man who was unquestionably born a dual-citizen, by virtue of his Kenyan father, could qualify under the US constitution.  Surely, the term natural born citizen rules out anyone who has ever been a dual-citizen.