Thomas Seyfried on ketogenic diets and fasting as a treatment for cancer

I mentioned in an earlier post that it would make sense to implement a strict ketogenic diet as a treatment to help fight or prevent cancer. A ketogenic diet severely restricts sugars and starches, and turns to fat in order to maintain adequate energy.  I might have been a bit too optimistic that a high fat low carb diet could cure advanced cases of cancer, but it seems logical that it would deprive cancer cells of glucose and thus give a cancer patient a fighting chance.  We know that people with diabetes and metabolic syndrome have increased incidence of cancer, and it stands to reason that good blood glucose control could possibly ward off cancer cells’ ability to advance.  In any case, I am convinced that good maintenance of tight glucose control (4.3-4.6) is essential for good health, and human beings can only achieve that through avoidance of too much carbohydrate.  However, how much total carbohydrate a person can tolerate is a highly individual issue, but I doubt that people with extremely healthy blood sugar should consume more than about 150 gm of carbohydrate per day (cf. Paul Jaminet’s Perfect Health Diet).  For myself I follow Dr. Richard K. Bernstein’s recommendation of about 30 gm of carbohydrate for those who have glucose intolerance.

Now, Prof. Thomas Seyfried is at the cutting edge of advanced research into this line of investigation.  He has a new book, though very expensive, Cancer as metabolic disorder which explores this avenue of research and treatment.  Youtube has two enlightening videos featuring Seyfried which I recommend.  I am encouraged to implement regular intermittent fasting (I skip breakfast nearly every day) and also occasional longer fasts–though for this I will await the season of Lent, so that the fasting can contribute both to spiritual and physical health.

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