The mystery of President Obama’s Social Security Number

My SSN begins with the number 574. This corresponds to the State of Alaska; I’ve had my SSN since I was a small child.   Barack Obama’s begins with 042, which is a Connecticut number.  The SSN verification website explains that numbers were handed out according to region, after 1973. says that there is nothing to worry about, citing that always reliable website Wikipedia–the number may have been associated with Connecticut because that was the mailing address from whence the child or adult Obama would have applied for his card.  Snopes debunks the idea that the card belongs to Connecticut resident, born in 1890, who has since passed away without informing the Social Security office.

The American Thinker reports about a court hearing on Jan 26 in Georgia to see if Barack Obama is constitutionally eligible to be on the ballot in that state:  “A private investigator testified that his Social Security Number (SSN) was originally issued to a deceased individual born in 1890, and was issued from Connecticut a State he is never been known to inhabit.”  Other document experts testified that the photo of President Obama’s long form birth certificate is likely a digital fake.

Why does Obama have a Connecticut number when he has no known association with that state?  Or perhaps we should ask, Why and when did Barack Obama have a Connecticut mailing address?  Why does Snopes debunk the myth of Jean Ludwig but offer no solution to this mystery?  Why did Obama offer no defence in the case against his eligibility in Georgia?  Why does he fail to explain why he has a Connecticut SSN?  So many questions, too few answers.

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14 thoughts on “The mystery of President Obama’s Social Security Number

  1. A couple notes of contention here.

    1) The Snopes article cites more than just wikipedia. It cites the death index of the Social Security Administration which cites the death of the person born in 1890 of which they were well aware and did not have a SSN that began with 042. It began with 045.

    2) The part in the Snopes article does cite wikipedia where it talks about how the first 3 numbers do no necessarily correspond with where the person was born or resides. This reference was directly quoted from the Social Security Administration’s website.

    And one more note, a personal one, my ssn does not correspond to the state I lived in or was born in when it was assigned to me and I was born before 1972.

    • Did you steal your SSN too. I mean I don’t know you from a hole in the wall; I don’t know your name, and I don’t know what state you are from. I don’t know if you are a man or woman, old or young, dead or alive. So your SNN is not from where you were born or where lived? So what?

      If Snopes quoted SSA material, then they should have tracked it down to the SSA website instead of citing Wikipedia.

      So my questions still stands. Why does Obama have a Connecticut SSN?

  2. “So your SNN is not from where you were born or where lived? So what?”

    It’s a personal point that pokes a hole in the validity of the claim that Obama’s SSN is invalid solely based on an assumption that 3 digits may have been from CT. It doesn’t matter if you know me or not. The point is that my number does not correlate to the state I was born in or lived in when I was issued my SSN. If mine does not fall into that little niche and Obama’s doesn’t then more than likely others’ don’t either.
    What’s more likely…? We ALL stole our SSNs OR that the first 3 digit standard is a not credible piece of support for this Obama claim.

    “If Snopes quoted SSA material, then they should have tracked it down to the SSA website instead of citing Wikipedia.”

    Sure…okay. But does that negate the fact checking in this case? I’d have to say no. They also show that the number of the person who Obama supposedly stole from had a completely different number based on what Snopes did find from the Social Security Admin’s death index.

    “Why does Obama have a Connecticut SSN?”

    How does it still stand when the SSA states pretty clearly that, “Prior to 1972, cards were issued in local Social Security offices around the country and the Area Number represented the State in which the card was issued. This did not necessarily have to be the State where the applicant lived”

    • It also mentions that the Zip codes for Hawaii and Connecticut’s are almost the same except for Hawaii’s beginning with a 9 and Connecticut’s beginning with a 0 (which could look the same depending on the person’s handwriting.)

  3. Your evidence is purely anecdotal, but of the worst sort because you are anonymous, I have no means at all to verify your story, nor do I know any of the specific details, nor to determine if you are trustworthy person. In that case, I have to suggest that the private investigator who has testified under oath in Georgia has much more weight than a troll who doesn’t even tell me anything about himself. Anyone can go on to someone’s blog and just make sh-t up.

    Where was Obama living before 1972? Seattle, Indonesia, Kenya or Hawaii. Not any of these possible places are anywhere near Connecticut. Thus, his SSN is still a mystery, unless the PI who testified in Georgia uncovered the true identity behind his number.

    Why should I give him the benefit of the doubt in the first place? What has this man ever done for me, except cause me suffering? Why should I believe a man whose budget is an immoral aberration and who is leading America to financial collapse? Nothing that I know about him makes me want to give him the benefit of the doubt. Why should I believe a man whose adminstration has caused me and thousands of other expatriates to suffering untold hours of heart ache and grief?

  4. “I have to suggest that the private investigator who has testified under oath in Georgia has much more weight than a troll ”

    1) If the PI can’t even get the numbers correct then why would anyone place credence on the rest of his/her assessment?
    2) Why am I a troll if I simply commented on your site offering a couple of points of contention in a civil manner?

    As far as the rest of the 3rd paragraph goes;
    1) It is very improbable that much of anything that happens at the federal level of a country the size of this directly impacts an individual’s life. State and local governments do more to impact people’s lives for better or worse.
    2) If Obama has been leading us into a “financial collapse” then I have to ask, why is it that the country has experienced 22 months of private sector job growth and average GDP growth of 2.8% last year among many other improvements?

    “Why should I believe a man whose adminstration has caused me and thousands of other expatriates to suffering untold hours of heart ache and grief?”

    And what precisely would those entail?

  5. You are indeed a troll. Just here to support the lies of Obama’s administration and talking points of the democrat party. 22 months of private sector job growth; who do you think you are kidding? Who are you Joe Weisenthal? An Obamatron?

    Well, it’s doing so great in the United States then why are you guys up here in Canada trying to extract our wealth from Canadians like me? Just leave me alone. Stay out of my country and out of my pocket book.

    And GDP is a lie because includes government spending, which also includes 1.54 trillion of borrowed and created from nothing money.


    • I am able to deal with facts. That’s what I do. You are coming on here with talking points and democrat diversionary tactics. uses the argument, “The premise of the claim is flawed concept, as Barack Obama is a natural born citizen of the United States, and thus there would have been no reason for his grandmother to appropriate someone else’s Social Security numbers, the issue is largely moot, as possession of a Social Security number is not in itself an indicator of citizenship.” That’s called “begging the question”, since it assumes Obama’s innocence and eligibility for POTUS in the argument.

      The SSN was most likely issued in 1977, so that the Connecticut argument still has obvious weight. From Jack Cashill, noted Obama scholar:

      Daniels sent me a copy of the hand-written application of the individual who held the number immediately before Obama’s, 042-68-4424. The applicant, Thomas Wood, died at age nineteen which is why his information is available.

      Wood’s Social Security number was issued sometime between March and May of 1977. Obama would turn sixteen in August of that year. Woods lived on Glenview Drive in Newington, Connecticut, the state from which all “042s” applied. Obama lived in Hawaii.

      Now please tell me that the next card off the line went to 16 year-old Obama in Hawaii, when after 1973 the SSN were sent out according to region in the manner that the SS verification service explains. This is not a case of pre-1973. So you are not coming up with facts but diversions and red herrings, anecdotal evidence that no one can verify because you are a anonymous Obama troll.

  6. It really doesnt matter. There is no way in hell Congress would invalidate the election and boot Obama even if Jesus himself came down from the Heavens with polaroids of a Kenyan doctor slapping BabyBarack on the butt while a nurse in the background opens the window to show the Kenyan hospital sign, and Barack’s grandma (who claimed that she was so proud of her Kenyan born grandson for becoming president…and how she remembered the day she stood in the hospital in Kenya the day he was born…..Alzheimer, perhaps?) holding open a newspaper from the local town showing the date. It wouldnt have happened in 2009, and it sure as hell wont happen 3/12 years later. Its a moot point. The scam succeeded. Time to move on. If you have an issue with how Obama’s performed while in office, work to get him elected out.

    • Move on? I have moved on. I have renounced (relinquished) my US citizenship. See,

      For me this is really now a question of seeing just how gullible the American people can become. Anyone who says he is born in the United States can become president, provided he comes up with fake documents. Then when he destroys the country, historians will says that the Constitution was wise but the people of the United States drank the koolaid of the mainstream media, and were stupid to reject their founding documents. Barack Obama is proof positive that the collective IQ of the United States has dropped by about 50 points. Joe Weisenthal and Paul Krugman are also proof.

  7. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. The Obama administration has smelled of smoke even months before he was elected and it’s only getting smokier. All the while, the media lives in denial, saying, “What smoke? I don’t smell anything.” It seems tragicly like Germany must have been during the 1930’s when Hitler was coming to power.

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