The mystery of President Obama’s Social Security Number

My SSN begins with the number 574. This corresponds to the State of Alaska; I’ve had my SSN since I was a small child.   Barack Obama’s begins with 042, which is a Connecticut number.  The SSN verification website explains that numbers were handed out according to region, after 1973. says that there is nothing to worry about, citing that always reliable website Wikipedia–the number may have been associated with Connecticut because that was the mailing address from whence the child or adult Obama would have applied for his card.  Snopes debunks the idea that the card belongs to Connecticut resident, born in 1890, who has since passed away without informing the Social Security office.

The American Thinker reports about a court hearing on Jan 26 in Georgia to see if Barack Obama is constitutionally eligible to be on the ballot in that state:  “A private investigator testified that his Social Security Number (SSN) was originally issued to a deceased individual born in 1890, and was issued from Connecticut a State he is never been known to inhabit.”  Other document experts testified that the photo of President Obama’s long form birth certificate is likely a digital fake.

Why does Obama have a Connecticut number when he has no known association with that state?  Or perhaps we should ask, Why and when did Barack Obama have a Connecticut mailing address?  Why does Snopes debunk the myth of Jean Ludwig but offer no solution to this mystery?  Why did Obama offer no defence in the case against his eligibility in Georgia?  Why does he fail to explain why he has a Connecticut SSN?  So many questions, too few answers.

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Dual citizenship and forced marriages, by Alison Symington

The Isaac Brock Society

Alison Symington, “Dual citizenship and forced marriages” (PDF), Dalhousie Journal of Legal Studies 10 (2001); Winner of the Smith Lyons Essay Prize.

Abstract:  This paper examines the phenomenon of forced marriage and how the international law on diplomatic protection and domestic citizenship laws interact to prevent young women from receiving help because of their status as dual nationals. The evolution of international law and the rise of human rights are considered, the author contesting international rules preventing the United Kingdom from attempting to assist its nationals who are abducted to South Asia for the purposes of forced marriage. This paper demonstrates how in complex situations involving power, gender, culture and politics, law is better understood as a struggle over meaning than as a stated rule of practice.

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FATCA: The need-to-know basis is not satisfied

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Soon after I finished my PhD, I had the experience of teaching as an adjunct professor in Ontario.  Eventually, I quit because I felt that the working conditions for contingent labor in higher education sucked–and they do:  just google the terms “adjunct hell”.  Then, I worked another job which I soon quit.  But to damage my reputation after I quit, one of the people from the second job asked for a reference via e-mail from the first employer and soon a flurry of e-mails had damaged my reputation among about a couple dozen people.  The first employer had even gone so far as to accuse me of “unpleasant breaches of trust”, not realizing that the term “breach of trust” is legaleze, usually for criminal behaviour related to money or the virtue of young women.  Later, the man apologized to me, saying that what he meant is that I had let them down.

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