FATCA: The need-to-know basis is not satisfied

The Isaac Brock Society

Soon after I finished my PhD, I had the experience of teaching as an adjunct professor in Ontario.  Eventually, I quit because I felt that the working conditions for contingent labor in higher education sucked–and they do:  just google the terms “adjunct hell”.  Then, I worked another job which I soon quit.  But to damage my reputation after I quit, one of the people from the second job asked for a reference via e-mail from the first employer and soon a flurry of e-mails had damaged my reputation among about a couple dozen people.  The first employer had even gone so far as to accuse me of “unpleasant breaches of trust”, not realizing that the term “breach of trust” is legaleze, usually for criminal behaviour related to money or the virtue of young women.  Later, the man apologized to me, saying that what he meant is that I had let them down.

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