Wesley Snipes: Tax Hero

Wesley Snipes is in a Federal prison.  The reason is that the IRS needs to make victims out of some in order to make compliant sheep out of the rest.  This website, Freesnipesnow.com says that he is innocent.

I think it is a perverse form of justice when the law chooses to make an example of you so that others will be compliant.  Funny thing is that liberals* who don’t believe that the death penalty is  a deterrent, think it is perfectly fine to punish a man more severely than he merits so that others will fear and will comply with the tax law.  (*Liberals:  The majority of Federal bureaucrats are democrats.  Their jobs depend on it.)

In my book, any man that goes to a US federal prison unjustly is a hero.  Conrad Black is a hero who is suffering his punishment for conducting and selling a business in a manner that conformed to Canadian law (non-compete payments are normal up here) and because he committed an act in Canada (clearing out his office) that a jury decided was an obstruction of US justice.  The arm of US justice is long indeed.  Black is a hero.  Snipes is a hero.  Juries found both Black and Snipes guilty on the basis of the testimony of a scoundrel.  But the Feds don’t care about justice; they just care about convictions and breaking legs.  Just ask Scooter Libby or the late Senator Ted Stevens.

The IRS and the Federal justice system are the villains.  If you break the legs of one man, the others will be sure to pay their gambling debts:

Time has come to kill the behemoth.  States need to outlaw officers of the Federal government in their jurisdictions.  I’m just glad that I live in a country away from their reach.

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