Celebrating $1800 per oz gold: government as co-dependent/enabler

The dollar fell to 1/1800 of an ounce of gold last night in overnight trading and these posts, celebrating incremental price decreases in the dollar, are becoming exponentially more frequent.

In any case, the US government deficits and monetization of those deficits by Ben Gold-is-not-money Bernanke is what is causing this devaluation of the dollar.  What has it bought us?  This guy (hat tip:  Monty Pelerin my favorite economics blog):

When government supports such deadbeats it becomes a co-dependent: they give them money for votes.  Government becomes the enabler.  This is a problem of addiction–the deadbeat is addicted to the free money and the government is addicted to giving it away.  This is what we sell our birthright for.

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