Walter Williams on the Eighth Commandment

“You shall not steal.”  Exodus 20.15

Walter Williams claims that if I find a needy, destitute woman and I take $200 from you at gun point to help that woman, it is stealing.  If I vote a democratically elected government which takes $200 from you and then gives it to that poor woman it is no less stealing; this is just simply the majority deciding whom it robs and to whom it bestows favors and it is equally immoral to stealing on an individual level.

But socialism doesn’t work.  The seeds of socialism’s own destruction is in its benefiting wrong behavior and punishing good behaviour.  For it takes from the productive and gives to the non-productive.  When a behavior is rewarded you get more of it; when it is punished you get less.  This is the point of sin taxes on tobacco and alcohol and even socialists understand this basic concepts.

Williams further supports limiting the government’s take of the GDP to 10%.  That’s a brilliant suggestion that could help socialist Western countries to get back on track.  In my view, the only legitimate roles of a federal government are: (1) defense; (2) justice; and (3) regulation interstate/interprovincial commerce and foreign trade.  They must get out of the business of cradle to grave socialism or fail completely.

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