Life imitates the Simpsons

Liberals often accuse conservatives of doing the same things that they themselves do (see my comment here).  Compare this news report with Homer Simpson’s attempt to vote for Barack Obama:

The Tuesday election is an important crossroads for America, as Thomas Sowell writes in his most recent column.  Liberty itself is at stake.  If there is mass voter fraud like this, then there will be a ground swell of anger.

I have a PhD in Theology: Would you like fries with that? (The education bubble V)

Well, I’ve never waited on tables.  But I have driven a delivery truck all around the provinces of Ontario (Nakina, Geraldton, North Bay, Ottawa) and Quebec, (Quebec City, Montreal, Amos, Maniwaki), and as far south as Piqua, Ohio.  So far my total gross pay for work related to my field of study, theology, has been $21,600–or less than the cost of my first-year at Cambridge.

The Chronicle of Higher Education has an article about how 17 million people with a college education are doing menial jobs.  An astounding 8,000 PhDs in the US are are working as waiters and waitresses.

Hattip:  The Business Insider