Headlines that make laugh

From the National Post website, March 20, 2010

It is in vogue to laugh at “goldbugs”.  The fact is that gold remains steady at $1100 and it seems to have found a new floor at US $1050, the price at which India will buy gold for their treasury reserves.  But a headline I saw on the National Post website, made me laugh:  “Gold plunges 1.8% in wake of strong US$”.  Perhaps, “nosedive” or “steep decline” or “precipitously fell”; but “plunges”?  But what’s really laughable is that the “plunge” was caused by a strong US$.  The US dollar has been anything but strong of late, at least from a Canadian perspective.  And frankly, if you bought gold any where below $1050, you’re laughing right now.  The US dollar is in trouble.  It’s just a matter of time before the inflation of the dollar becomes a major issue.

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