Donate to Theological Education or Not? The case of fighting anarchy

The Bible encourages the wealthy to be generous.  My wife and I have been big donors to theological education.  But when we see certain schools being influenced by ultra-left wing agenda, anti-capitalist tendencies we wonder if we must pull back from giving unless we can be assured that our gifts will not ultimately undermine our ability to give in the first place.

We know that certain anarchist and anti-capitalist agendas have gained currency amongst young theological students and even some professors.  These wacko extremists must be dealt with.  If donors give to such schools and their means of creating wealth are eventually eliminated because the policies that these people promote win the day, then it is ultimately self-defeating.  I don’t think that that conforms with the ethics of the Bible.  Here is an example of an extremist position, in my opinion, by an adjunct professor at Regent College:  A Call to Olympic Resistance

The Absurd Incoherence of the Left

Has anyone ever noticed the absurd incoherence of the Left to be both at the same time anti-progress, Luddite in their position on environmentalism, and socialist redistributionists with regard to economic policy?  I have.

Take for example the recent anonymous blogger at Nathan Calquhoun’s blog who protested the Olympics in Vancouver.  He is evidently in favor of greater redistribution of wealth to the poor, but at the same time, against the oil sands and other forms of mining which create wealth both in Canada and abroad.  My dear leftist friends, you can’t have it both ways.  If you want to continue your socialist agenda of redistribtuion, you have to get out of the way of the evil capitalists so that there is wealth to redistribute!  But if you block every kind of progress, particularly here in Canada, in the resource sector, I don’t see how you can ever achieve your redistributionist utopia. If memory serves, when David Suzuki contemplating politics a few years ago, he was planning to join the NDP party (though he remains non-partisan).  But how can he square the redistributionist and union sentiments of the NDP with his green Luddite stances?

Soon-to-be Canadian citizens like myself learn that there are three major sectors of the Canadian economy:  (1) resources; (2) manufacturing; (3) service.  Kill one of those sectors and you will have less wealth to give to the poor.   Even yesterday talking to my good friend who is a leftist I told him that I had increased my Canadian oil investments last week and he was surprised by my insistance that oil is a righteous investment.  Yet he was upset too about the poor in Vancouver not having a chance to receive any benefit from the Olympics and the government funding that went to the games.