Richard Lindzen is the Rembrandt of Climatology

Feedback on the Great Global Warming Swindle:

My anonymous, climate specialist friend that I mentioned in my post “Anthropogenic Global Warming: Is there a consensus?“, has sent some feedback regarding the channel 4 documentary after I sent him the post from Palabre with the nine parts of video on Youtube.  He wrote back to me yesterday (February 10):

I just watched all the episodes of the Great Global Warming Swindle. I wish it was publicized as much as Al Gore’s propaganda movie. All those scientists who stepped up to speak the real “inconvenient” truth are all legitimate and well respected; their statements are factual, not rhetoric. Richard Lindzen has often been blamed for Bush’s refusal to follow the Kyoto protocol or the rest of this Global warming movement (other than the accused Big Business interests). Lindzen was to have had Bush’s ear on it. I’ve always had a lot of respect for him, as far back as my grad school days.

Today he wrote again, “Calling Lindzen a climatologist is like calling Rembrandt a painter.”

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Who will cry for South Sudan?

Who will cry for South Sudan?
by Moussa Bongoyok

Who will cry for those who no longer have tears,
for the Sudan rendered long so deaf by bombs,
for the southerners perishing in such fear,
where gnashing of teeth is the national song?

Who will cry for those too exhausted to weep,
demoralized by the shedding of their blood?
And who will defend those left silent and weak
being terrorized by weapons oh so loud?

Who will cry for those whose eyes have become dry?
and protest in behalf of Sudanese slaves?
And who will in compassion lament and sigh,
placing his own plans in an untimely grave?

Who will cry for those caught fast in the torrent
who must through burning deserts flee humble farms
whose hope lay not in the winds of violence,
nor alas in intervention of gendarmes?

Who will cry for those who survive to languish,
for those whose native land lies in south Sudan?
Thou, Christian, give ear to their pain and anguish.
Weep, pray, and act. But please, don’t be nonchalant.

(trans. and adapted by P. W. Dunn from “Qui pleurera pour ceux qui n’ont plus de l’armes?“, 20 April ©2001 P. W. Dunn and Moussa Bongoyok)

The Great Global Warming Swindle, in 9 parts

NOTE:  These videos were removed from Youtube because of copyright infringements.  Sorry.

This is UK channel 4 documentary, Martin Durkin’s The Great Global Warming Swindle,  that I mentioned in this post.  Please note that mention of the problems of malaria are in part  7.  Part 8 is particularly relevant to Africa and our discussion group.  This should anger us!

Part 1:  Introduction

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