Hyper-Inflation: Think the economy is bad now? Just wait

The post on Obama and inflation in Zimbawe has received 257 hits so far.  Well, here are a couple experts who agree with me.

Peter Schiff calls the US economy a “ponzi” economy.  He warns that stimulus package suggested by Congress will lead to a “unmitigated disaster”.  He warns of hyper inflation (not just double digit inflation) similar to Latin American countries or to the Weimar Republic.  He compares the interventionist government with Hoover and Roosevelt which is leading us into a new depression.
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New Series: Why American-style liberalism would be bad for Africa-Preamble


It may have occurred to the few readers of this blog that I am a conservative.  I don’t know how this strikes them.  Perhaps some may question the appropriateness of a partisan line of thinking in a blog which is supposed to be a conversation about any subject relating to French-speaking Africa.  Perhaps some of you think that it is not relevant at all to speak of US politics. Continue reading