Obama: Inauguration Day



I received an e-mail today from Africa, and this is the way I was greeted:  “Reçois mes fraternelles salutations en Christ. En ce jour de l’investiture d’Obama comme président noir américain, je crois que vous vous portez bien dans la grande famille de Barnabas venture.”  I suppose that many of my African friends believe that it is a momentous and historic occasion that son of their own soil is becoming today the most powerful man in the world.  Let me just say a few words of caution.

Obama is a man.  His father is a Luo and a Muslim from Kenya, his mother a white America.   His political roots are socialist and communist.  Regarding social values, he favors abortion and homosexual unions, just as Democrat Party platform dictates.  As a Christian, I have trouble with the social values of the Democrat Party.  As an investor, I am very wary of Obama’s political and economic agenda.  We can start with the plan to more than double the deficit to over a trillion dollars.  This will give Obama additional spending power of 8.3% of the USA GDP.

For me it comes down to a question not of the man’s color or his ethnic heritage, but of his integrity.  I have trouble with any person who will contribute to the US holocaust of 40,000,000 people since 1974, because he doesn’t want to “punish” his daughters with a baby.  He has promised to appoint judges who will support the Roe vs. Wade decision. As a socialist, he wants to spread the wealth around, which in my view, is stealing from some and giving to others.

In Christ there is neither black nor white, slave nor free, male nor female.  We are one in Christ, worshipping the Son of God.  Today, the media want to thrust before another messiah, Barak Hussein Obama.  They will drink his kool aid and want us to do the same.  I will not. And I want my African friends to know that they should examine themselves today, and ask if they rejoice because an African has become president?  When that man does evil, will you continue to rejoice?  This man will ultimately not be judged for his ethnic heritage but for his works, whether they are good or bad.

Update Jan 21:  Warner Todd Huston writes (“Why I want Barack Obama to fail as President“):

Now we arrive at where I stand on Obama’s relative “success.” I did not vote for the man. I do not support his socialist ideas. I stand four-square against his votes for infanticide, his votes to gut the Constitutional right to self-protection, his vague ideas of nationalizing various industries, his intention to enlarge government to unheard of proportions and his softening on terror producing countries. And since these are the things his entire life’s career point to as probable goals to “succeed” upon during his presidency… well, I want him to fail. And I want him to do so spectacularly. If Barack Obama is but a Trojan Horse for communism to push its nose under and into the tent, I want him to fail in the attempt.

Simply put I want these ideas to fail miserably because success for them would mean the destruction of this country. So, wishing Obama to succeed would be hoping for the destruction of my country if success means the accomplishments of goals like I mention above.

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