TD Canada Trust: The Gay Bank II

Almost a year ago, I expressed my disapproval of the TD Canada Trust’s sponsorship of the gay lifestyle, and I sold my shares of the stock, but maintained a banking relationship with them based on my understanding of 1 Cor 5.9-13.  I have now, however, moved my personal accounts elsewhere because the branch manager could not guarantee that my banking information would be safe from the intrusion of a certain foreign state (which will remain nameless to protect the innocent–me).

To my surprise, this first Gay Bank post has become my all-time most popular.  So I did a google search and learned why that is.  The Toronto Gay Pride parade has become an outlet for anti-Israeli protests.  The organizers are in trouble now.  The city of Toronto is threatening to withdraw its funding of the parade because it has become political.  And apparently some are organizing protests against TD Canada Trust because of its continued sponsorship of gay pride events.  Well, it’s not as if I didn’t warn them.  I consider it unwise indeed to promote such a visible sponsorship of such a contentious event in order to potentially gain a few clients while the sponsorship has the potential of alienating many millions of customers.

Consider the following videos:

At 0:58 seconds in this second video, you will also see a placard with the words “F— the Police & F— Capitalism”.  I wonder how that makes the millions of investors feel, those who invest using TD Bank and TD Waterhouse, that TD Bank is sponsoring an anti-Police, anti-Israeli and anti-capitalism parade?