Education bubble XIII : Did you know that liberals are smarter than conservatives?

The NPR’s former fundraiser, Kevin Schiller was caught on video saying a whole load of ugly things about conservatives and Christians. The Washinton Times summarizes:

“The current Republican Party, particularly the Tea Party, is fanatically involved with people’s personal lives,” he said. They are “very fundamentalist Christian – I wouldn’t even call it Christian, it’s this weird evangelical kind of move.” People on the right are “white, middle America, gun-toting,” not to mention “seriously racist people.” He also said that conservatives are “anti-intellectual,” in contrast to the “more educated, fair and balanced” liberals.

I’m a conservative and I’m a Christian.  I also have a PhD, though I’m not sure that really matters much.  I wonder if it is a fair question, Mr. Schiller, What is your terminal degree?

Liberal schools train little brains full of mush who become small-minded liberals who are similar to this Kevin Schiller.  This is just snobbery.  It is not a sign of higher intelligence.