Need electrical power in Africa? Too bad

In my article “Anthropogenic Global Warming: Is there a consensus?”, I said some were claiming that the Global Warming alarmists were already holding back development in Africa.  Here some proof of that claim from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
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New Series: Why American-style liberalism would be bad for Africa-Preamble


It may have occurred to the few readers of this blog that I am a conservative.  I don’t know how this strikes them.  Perhaps some may question the appropriateness of a partisan line of thinking in a blog which is supposed to be a conversation about any subject relating to French-speaking Africa.  Perhaps some of you think that it is not relevant at all to speak of US politics. Continue reading

Antartic Meltdown will Drown American Capital!

In rhetoric or logical argumentation, a slippery slope fallacy is according to Ian B. Johnson:

The Slippery Slope also might well be called the “Appeal to Fear.” It shows a proposition to be unacceptable by first stating that acceptance of the proposition will lead to an unacceptable result, then stating that the unacceptable result will in turn lead to an even more unacceptable result. The chain may continue through several steps and will lead to an end result that is very clearly unacceptable. The real problem with the slippery slope is that none of the steps in the chain need to be proven for the argument to persuade most partisans who are looking for a reason to be persuaded; instead, each step merely needs to sound reasonable in isolation.

Now consider this headline from  Antartic Meltdown would Flood Washington, D. C. Well not before all the penguins and polar bears die of heat exhaustion, and all the people on the planet are going to be fried by that time not to mention the dolphins which will be boiled to death:  “if you had hot water poured on you, you would flee, wouldn’t you?”

This blog suggests there’s nothing to worry about, but I don’t have the time to work out the math.

Anthropogenic Global Warming: Is there a consensus?

The mainstream media has pushed a certain agenda about global warming.  The reasons they have done this are worth discussing, but here I wish only to say that they have been dishonest with us.  Let me explain first what is meant by anthropogenic global warming, and then I will show explain why there is no consensus.

First, anthropogenic global warming is the theory that humankind, through the emissions of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, has contributed to the warming of the planet.  It is believed that these gases trap heat from the sun on the planet, much as a greenhouse traps heat from the sun.  Humans have indeed increased their emissions into the atmosphere of these greenhouse gases through the use of power plants, cars, factories and so forth, anything that uses carbon fuels such as petroleum, coal and natural gas.  They believe further that the eating of meat contributes to the problem, because cattle increases the amount of gases like methane and carbon dioxide too.  To people living in cities where fumes from cars and factories choke out their opportunity to breath fresh air, these conclusions may seem evident enough.
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Miscellany: Abortion, Global Warming Hits United Arab Emirates, and Tax Evasion (updated)

Obama and The Culture of death” by Miguel Guanipa, eloquently critiques Obama statements about his rescinding of the Bush abortions funding policy:  Obama is not the unifier that his campaign claimed:

By Obama’s own reckoning, the heroic efforts of those who have bravely stood in defense of innocent human life in the womb — and long endured ridicule from the press for their dissenting views — have been reduced to nothing more than pointless efforts to engage in what is ultimately a “stale and fruitless debate”. The unimaginable grief and discord this issue has wrought upon countless lives and relationships at home and abroad have been reduced to nothing more than “petty grievances”. The devout religious convictions of those  who have nurtured an abiding compassion and unwavering fidelity to the fundamental principle that every human life is endowed with inviolable dignity and inestimable worth by the creator of all life, barely rise to the status of “worn out dogmas”.

With the magic stroke of his executive pen, Obama has declared his intentions that no ground will be given and no prisoners spared.

Global Warming

Some scientists have said it’s too late to save the planet from global warming (e.g., here and here).  If so, shouldn’t we eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die?
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