Do statin drugs contribute to Alzheimer’s Disease?

As many of you know, my father disappeared last July and there is still no sign of him.  I wonder if my father, who suffered apparently from Alzheimers disease, was on statin drugs.  Tom Naughton has a very sad testimony on his blog:

My dad, who was on a high dose of Lipitor for two decades, started having occasional episodes of profound confusion and temporary memory loss in his early 60s (not much older than I am now), became increasingly confused in his late 60s, and was diagnosed with full-blown Alzheimer’s by age 72.  I can’t prove the Lipitor caused his condition, but knowing what I know now, let’s just say I don’t think we’re looking at a coincidence.  As far as I’m concerned, that @#$%ing drug robbed him of the chance to enjoy his retirement, work on his golf game, travel with my mom, see my girls grow up, etc.

This is not far-fetched. Memory loss is common enough with statin drug users and there is a rising epidemic of Alzheimer’s disease.  After reading Dr. Duane Graveline’s Lipitor Thief of Memory, I believe that statins can only make neurological problems worse–including memory loss and peripheral neuropathy.  Why?  Because statins block the production of cholesterol, but cholesterol is necessary constituent of a healthy brain.  Take away the cholesterol and destroy the brain.  David Perlmutter is another physician who has written a book, Grain Brain, that damns statins.  It is hard not to believe that statins are a tool of the enemy to destroy your brain.

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