Monty Pelerin: It’s the numbers, stupid

Monty Pelerin shared some comments and a video which explains why the United States government is going to collapse economically. This is why the new Obama ad, in which President Obama says that he will tax the wealthy to “pay down our debt” is utter mendacity. This video shows that the United States Federal budget cannot be balanced. It is mathematically not possible without some maturity. Going after US expats around the world will not solve the problem. But we can be sure that as long as the USA cannot get its fiscal house in order, the government will continue to demagogue against expats.

It’s the numbers, stupid, by Monty Pelerin

Most people have no idea of the unsustainability of government spending. The path which the government blindly follows ensures a complete and total collapse of the US. What has happened in Greece (and things will get much worse there) is exactly what will occur in the US. A complete and total economic collapse is inevitable.

The reasons for this ending and its inevitability are explained in this short (5 minute) presentation by Hal Mason in an email that has been circulating. The simplicity of his presentation allows understanding for even the economically illiterate. Simple arithmetic is sufficient to understand the impossibility of our current path and our inevitable ending.

This short video should be watched by everyone, including those not yet old enough to vote. It should be shown in every high school and college classroom. Anyone that cannot understand this presentation should not be allowed out without a guardian.

It’s the numbers, Stupid and the people who elect the corrupt, self-serving politicians in Washington who continue down this road to destruction.

Monty Pelerin article used with permission.  Cross posted at Isaac Brock Society.

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