Rick Rule on resources, especially Canadian Junior Oil and Mining

I’ve been listening to the most recent Chris Martenson podcasts.  In the following podcast, Martenson interviews Rick Rule (December 9, 2011).  Rule recommends investing in undervalued junior oils.  He gives the following scenario:  A junior oil has 1 billion in Net Present Value, a market capital of $300 million.  A larger producer will take out the company for $700 million because of the derisked oil and the larger producer knows that it can make money off the holdings of the junior oil holdings.  This is well worth listening to for all those who are investing in resource companies, as Rule explains how to determine value in the sector.

An Historical Primer for the War of 1812

A reader at the Isaac Brock Society (cross posted) submitted the following video (an historical primer on the War of 1812).  Her feelings of warmth towards the United States are at all all time high (not).  If you are from the Department of Homeland Security, there is a special note at the bottom of this post, just for you.

*To DHS:  This video is historical and while it expresses the feelings rivalry of your neighbors to the North (we know you can’t take a joke and have no sense of humour), this does not mean that we are at open war with the United States. However, your recent attempts to shake down Canadian residents IS an act of war.  Do not tread on me!

Allen Stanford lesson: the government doesn’t like competition

Allen Standford has been found guilty of running of ponzi scheme in which he bilked seven billions of dollars from his clients.

The United States government, his accuser and prosecutor, is running a multi-trillion dollar ponzi scheme called Social Security.  Who will try the guilty for that fraud?

The problem with United States justice?  Lawbreakers make the rules.  And there are a lot of rules.  So many in fact, that almost everything is illegal.  This video tells the story of man who went to federal jail for importing lobster.  Meanwhile the banksters and the politicians have their connections and their stay-out of jail free cards (think, Jon Corzine).