Deconstructing Obama

Author and scholar discusses his book, Deconstructing Obama, on C-Span.  His thesis, now verified, is that Bill Ayers wrote Obama’s memoir, Dreams from my Father.

Deconstructing Obama, February 17, 2011, Kansas City (MO) Public Library, Lecture by Jack Cashill, C-SPAN

2 thoughts on “Deconstructing Obama

  1. Cashill’s thesis is based on (1) literary criticism, comparing lines from Ayers’ books with Obama’s; (2) Obama’s previous inability to write even decent prose much less the masterfully written style of Dreams; (3) the opportunity to employ Ayers who was a neighbor and political ally. These are circumstantial kinds of evidence, though an extremely compelling argument. The verification was provided by a biographical account in Christopher Anderson’s Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage. Anderson says that Obama was hopelessly blocked (which agrees with Cashill’s assessment of his writing ability) and so Michelle insisted that he pack up all his materials and send them to Ayers, and then voila presto, Dreams was launched, and then Obama’s political career. Finally, for what it is worth, Bill Ayers himself has claimed that he wrote Dreams. The following link will provide all the posts here that deal with the subject.

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