Why you can’t pay me to own Berkshire Hathaway

To my post “Warren Buffet Redux“, a certain Johnson responded by linking to an article on Buffet’s support of the sterilization of poor people.

This puts Buffet and all his activities beyond the pail for me.  I used to praise his charitable giving.  But now that I see a portion of it is used to exterminate the poor, I am utterly disgusted.  He has the attitude of the Aschen in the episodes of Stargate SG1 2010 and its sequel 2001 (see synopsis below).  The attempt to control the population of a people is an assault and an attack.  I consider it evil.

Synopsis:  The SG1 team meets an advance alien race called the Ashen, who promise to give to earth advance technology to protect them from their enemies the Goa’uld, to provide long life, and to end their problem of over population. SG1 later learn 9 years later however that Ashen’s purpose was actually to wipe out the entire population of earth and to take over its resources.

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