USA debt 13 trillion

Congratulations to Barack Obama and the Congress led by the Democratic party.  You have now increased USA debt to 13 trillion (by this coming Tuesday).  That’s $41,900 per man, woman, and child.  That is higher than the per capita income.  Since the democrats took control of Congress after 2006 election, the US National debt has increased from 8.67 trillion to 13 trillion.  That is a 50% increase, or $14,000 per capita.  Well, debt was a bad thing at 8.67 trillion.  Why?  Because US government debt is bad debt. At the household level, it is equivalent to consumer debt–debt that is spent and afterward you have nothing to show for it nor any income coming in as a result–all you have is increasing costs due to interest payments.  It is stupid debt.

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