Double Standard AND Tax Evasion and Stealing (updated)

Elisee Ouoba wrote:

Obama and tax evaders:

It’s kind of funny and ironic that Obama’s secret revenue plan would be to appoint people who have failed to pay their taxes and then have them pay their outstanding bill. Funny because this would be, indeed, a way to help some rich people return what they have “stolen,” and ironic because that would mean that the non-payment of taxes is the reason for the economic/financial crisis and thus turn a problem into a solution.

I will respond to this in a new post as a opposed to the commentary section.

First, the approvals of Daschle and Geitner prove that there is a higher standard for Republicans than for Democrats.  Linda Chavez was forced to withdraw her nomination for far less serious grounds which the media and the Democrats played to the hilt.  The media even made numerous excuses for Geithner, because they feel it is their responsibility to support Obama’s presidency.  They are after all the reason he is president.

Secondly, the term “stolen” from the government (I noticed the parenthesis) is problematic for tax evasion.  There is a question:  Why is organized crime any different than the IRS?  Answer:  Because of the tax code.  In a system where the taxes are too high and the tax code is complicated, everyone tries to evade taxes.  Most do it legally if possible and everyone is tempted to cheat.  Why is it serious if a democrat pol is the tax cheater?  Because the democrats are the ones who like high taxes, but obviously they don’t like paying them either.  Finally, a tax evader doesn’t steal for failing to pay taxes. Rather, he or she tries illegally to keep the IRS from legally stealing from them.

Update:  The Wall Street Journal echos one of my above sentiments:

Every Republican in America knows that if Mr. Daschle were a Reagan or Bush nominee he’d now be headed back to private life faster than you can say John Tower. That’s the way Democrats have treated GOP nominees who were accused of far lesser transgressions than Mr. Daschle’s tax, er, avoidance. The question is whether Democrats are going to treat Mr. Daschle according to the standard that Mr. Daschle set when he was running the Senate.

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