Buy Canadian!

I am in the market for a iPhone 4, because Logos Bible Software, a program in which I have most of my personal library, can be used on the iPhone or the iTouch.  But iPhone is having supply issues, and I can’t get one.

Last night after my wife had spent too much at a Rotary Club banquet in the live auction for a gas barbecue, I said in front of her chief rival bidder that she was supposed to buy me an iPhone.  He pulled out his Blackberry and said to me that I support a Canadian company and buy a Blackberry.

A couple of weeks ago, I almost sold a put on RIMM.  It was down around US $42.  I don’t know anything about technology stocks, so this was a bit unusual for me.  Too bad the put didn’t go through.  RIMM has improved by over $6.  Another lost opportunity!

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