Gaslighting in the Age of COVID 19

By Peter W. Dunn, PhD

“Gaslighting isn’t a reflection of the person being gaslit – it’s about the abuser and their need for power and control.”  

The environment of public discourse has become toxic. Gaslighting now happens to everyone who questions or protests the official COVID 19 narrative, with its lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, social distancing, masking, and vaccines. Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation, and it is a main technique of narcissists—it’s not being done for your benefit but because the one gaslighting you is trying to get something from you.

The term “gaslighting” is fairly recent and comes from “Gaslight”, which in its 1944 movie version starring Ingrid Bergman, was about a young woman whose aunt had been murdered in their home, and she is sole heir of her aunt’s estate; while away in Italy a man befriends her and she marries him, but as soon as they are living in her aunt’s house she finds that he begins to treat her like she is crazy. He belittles her, he tells her that she is imagining things: when he goes out she hears noises in the attic and the gaslights in the house dim, he says she is just making this all up in her head. By the end of the film, we learn that this man, who has been psychologically torturing her, has been searching for jewels in the attic each night among her aunt’s possessions. He was doing it because he was greedily trying to steal these jewels. We learn that he was the one who murdered the aunt, but he was unable to find the jewels at the time of the murder.

So what is gaslighting? The main goal of a gaslighter is to get you to doubt yourself: to question yourself, your research, your conclusions, your decisions, your observations. Who is doing it now during the COVID 19 pandemic? The mainstream media, our political leaders, our unelected public health authorities, and often it is even our friends, family, and neighbors. They want you to obey the rules; but not only so, they want to force you to agree with the rules and believe that they actually work. Thus, gaslighting is an attempt to make you feel inferior so that you conform both in deed and in thought to the official pandemic guidelines. Here are some of the weapons that gaslighters employ:

(1) Gaslighters main weapon is to make you doubt yourself. They do this by calling you stupid, questioning your sanity, claiming that you are following conspiracy theories.

(2) Gaslighters scold. They will tell you should be ashamed for expressing your opinion on COVID 19 or vaccines, when that opinion does not agree with the official narrative. They will tell you that you are dangerous because you are not going along with the majority. And if that doesn’t work, they will have you censored and silence your voice. That’s why I keep getting these 31 day suspensions from Nextdoor on social media. When the gaslighters can’t convince me they silence me.

(3) Gaslighters blame you for what goes wrong. With no scientific evidence, such as contact tracing, they say that the anti-maskers or the anti-vaxxers are responsible for the next wave or for the Delta variant, when there are top level scientists who claim that the Delta variant probably exists as a vaccine resistant escapee. I.e., it is the vaccinated and the masked that may be the main reason for the variants as viruses adapt to escape barriers placed in their way.

(4) Gaslighters call you names. Doug Ford will call you yahoos or idiots for disobeying his rules. Doug Ford who took away our fundamental freedoms has the audacity to call me a yahoo. He is our gaslighter in chief in the province of Ontario. He scolds, he name calls, he abuses. He is a narcissist. He is so classic in this regard.

(5) Gaslighters appeal to authority, especially their own. MDs are the classic gaslighters. One of the things that they do is demean your health choices (if you go against their recommendations) if it is based upon your ability to reason and research a subject. Classic is the coffee mug that MDs came up with, “Please do not confuse your google search with my medical degree.” They are the authority and you must get in line with whatever program that they have for you. If your MD is like that the best thing to do is run.

(6) Gaslighters make a false appeal to do your duty. The other day, my wife said that a major American Orchid Society publication said that people should get vaccinated because it is their patriotic duty. We have to “do our part” according to an ad by the Province of Ontario. Gaslighting by telling us that our human right to informed consent must be subservient to our duty to our community and or to our country. It is a classic form of gaslighting. Even the Queen said that we should not be selfish and get vaccinated. Or people say, my mask protects you, your mask protects me, and they portray you as a selfish murderer if you have a mask exemption and still want to be able to do your essential shopping.

(7) Gaslighters tell you that you don’t belong. Yesterday I put on Melissa Lantsman’s Facebook wall the comment that when I became a Canadian I had to learn the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to pass the citizenship test. I said this Canada without any human rights is not what I signed up for, and this is what a certain gaslighter on Facebook said, “Feel free to find a new homeland. No one is stopping you from leaving.” But we have seen many people say you can’t be with them if you don’t get the double vaccinated. People who don’t conform to the agenda are being shunned.

(8) Gaslighters will ridicule you. And this is perhaps the most abusive and humiliating of all the weapons that they use. Gaslighters mock. Here is what the aforementioned gaslighter also said to me on Facebook, “Peter W. Dunn you clearly don’t understand what human rights are. I actually know someone who works for Pharma as bioethics personnel. She laughs at people like you. Who think there is some conspiracy to hold back the masses.” People are laughing at you behind your back. They are ashamed of you. You are a laughing stock. This is a complete disregard for feelings of another person and shows that the gaslighter is a narcissist.

I hope this summary will help us to understand how psychological manipulation is being used to force us into obedience. Those of us who wish to protest will see this every time we stand up for our human rights. We must be aware of it, because our society has become increasingly narcissistic, and thus gaslighting has become a standard weapon that people use to control us. If we can more easily recognize it, we can better equip ourselves to deal with it. In my opinion the best way to deal with it is via withdrawal from the company of these narcissists and putting people around us who will be more sympathetic to our views and opinions. 

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” (Eleanor Roosevelt)

This speech was delivered at the Bathurst and Rutherford freedom protest in Vaughan, Ontario, on July 18, 2021

Why the COVID 19 vaccination program invites Nazi comparisons

By Peter W. Dunn, PhD

This week I learned something really important about the field of bioethics. It is generally recognized that it exists as a result of the Nuremberg Code which guides medical experimentation and includes such injunctions as requiring informed consent of the person and the urgency of the experiment (e.g., no other adequate treatment is available such as Invermectin or Hydrochloroquine).  The Nuremberg Doctors Trial resulted in several convictions: “Of the 23 defendants, seven were acquitted and seven received death sentences; the remainder received prison sentences ranging from 10 years to life imprisonment” (Wikipedia, “Doctors’ Trials”).

In Nazi Germany, mass sterilizations occurred in order to commit racial cleansing, a eugenics notion that the Aryan race was superior and therefore getting rid of Jews and people who had bad genes would lead to a even more superior Aryan nation. Eventually this led to despicable experiments in the Nazi concentration camps and is an important aspect of the Holocaust of the Jewish people. As a result of these trials, the Nuremberg Code was created to try to prevent any such behaviour on the part of medical scientists and physicians. This code became the first important text of the field of bioethics.

Later, the ethical principles of the Nuremberg Code were applied to all medical interventions. E.g., the UNESCO Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights, generalizes bioethical principles to all health care not to just experiments. So this more recent declaration remains in historical continuity with Nuremberg Code, while providing a more universal application of the bioethics principles created to protect people from Nazis and their would-be imitators. Among the highest priorities of the UNESCO’s code is the right of the person to accept or to refuse any medical treatment, preventative or diagnostic, based on adequate information, without prejudice or disadvantage.

This answers the question why violations of bioethics invites the Nazi comparisons. Bioethics as a field of human endeavor was borne in the attempt to prevent Nazi-like atrocities, and anyone who violates them, risks becoming like the Nazis.

But there is Godwin’s Law, the aphorism that the longer a social media debate continues the sooner that one side of the debate will compare their opponent to a Nazi. I assure you that this is not what is going on. The Nazi comparison to our current COVID 19 vaccine program is clearly justified based upon some clear areas of comparisons:

(1) Emergency Measures resulting in a police state. In 1933, when Hitler took power, the first thing that he did was declare a state of emergency which took away the freedoms of the people of Germany. We’ve been in state of emergency since March 2020, and the police have absolute power to arrest or fine people who exercise fundamental freedoms.

(2) Fear via Propaganda: In order to get people to accept totalitarian police state, we have been told that computer models show that we could all die if COVID 19 gets out of hand. And without good scientific justification, the media has scared the hell out of most people. To arrive at this state of fear, propaganda techniques have been used in the media and by governments. It has resulted in most people thinking that COVID 19 is far more dangerous than it really is.

(3) Ostracism and demagoguery: The Nazis ostracized anyone who disagreed with them, but no one more so than the Jewish people. First they blamed the Jews for communism leading to the emergency police state. Then in 1938, they ostracised them by making them wear Yellow Stars which would mark them out as pariahs in public. These measures eventually led to the concentration camps. Demagoguery is another technique of tyrants. The Jews were blamed for the problems in Germany. And today, people who want receive vaccines or who refuse to wear a mask are pariahs. The media and the government are blaming these people for the continuation of the pandemic, and so the ostracism of the unvaccinated begins. Where will it lead? Certainly to the isolation and persecution of these people. But will it lead to concentration camps. Only God knows.

(4) Snitching: Every totalitarian country has snitches and this is encouraged. We have seen snitch lines set up in Canada to report neighbors who aren’t following the lockdown rules.

(5) Coercion: Our society is using coercion such as the loss of the jobs, places in school, or other opportunities, for those who decline the COVID 19 vaccination. This is already happening. Justin Trudeau, e.g., has said that non-vaccinated tourists will be banned from entering Canada.

(6) Censorship. We have all probably heard of Nazi book burnings. This is happening with YouTube and Facebook with posts and videos being taken down or earmarked as misinformation.  Today experts, including university professors in relevant fields and MDs, are being pressured to keep their mouths shut about their concerns about the safety of the vaccines.

(7) Good intentions. Of course everyone of our current day tyrants have good intentions. Didn’t the Nazis have good intentions? They would restore Germany to its glorious place in the world, after its defeat in WWI.  What could be wrong with that? Of course, I hate nothing more than the saccharine attitude of bioethics violators. They give service with a smile as they take away your rights. But the aphorism is true:  The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Stay safe! They say, while they plan to exclude those who want to remain safe from experimental and dangerous medical treatments.

Will there ever be punishment for those who have violated bioethical principles in imitation of the Nazi doctors? Well so far, I know of only one case. In India, a WHO scientist is potentially facing the death penalty if successfully sued by the Indian Bar Association (India Could Sentence WHO Chief Scientist to Death for Misleading Over Ivermectin and Killing Indians):

“The Indian Bar Association (IBA) sued WHO Chief Scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan on May 25, accusing her in a 71-point brief of causing the deaths of Indian citizens by misleading them about Ivermectin. There is also an updated legal notice on June 13, 2021. Point 56 states, “That your misleading tweet on May 10, 2021, against the use of Ivermectin had the effect of the State of Tamil Nadu withdrawing Ivermectin from the protocol on May 11, 2021, just a day after the Tamil Nadu government had indicated the same for the treatment of COVID-19 patients.”

Let’s hope this is just the beginning of such trials. But like the Nazi physicians in the Nuremberg trials, there are many today who should face prosecution.

(This was my speech at the Vaughan freedom protest on July 12, 2021, at Bathurst and Rutherford Roads).

Ontario’s Ground Hog Day: Why we need to continue to protest

by Peter W. Dunn, PhD

We have seen a decline in our numbers here in the Vaughan protest, but I continue to be here every Sunday morning. Among the top reasons that people have given for not coming to the protest is that they don’t think it’s doing any good. Some people want to avoid tickets from the police, or they want to avoid trouble at work or in their family. But the other thing is that as Ontario gradually opens up, our freedoms slowly trickle back to us, as though the government is doing us a favor. So I wanted to talk about the urgency to continue our protests.

As I was doing some research for this speech, I googled “stage 3” and “July 24” because I thought that the date of stage 3 in Ontario was announced for July 24. Much to my surprise I found news items from July 24, 2020 (last year). Here is one: “Ford says officials ‘have asked for a little more time’ to determine when Toronto may be able to advance to Stage 3“. Strangely, that corresponds with the rough timeline that Ontario officials have announced for this year’s “stage 3”: at least 21 days after stage 2 began they say, which would put us around 20 July. But there is no certainty. This is deja vu. And it will be predictable since this virus also is seasonal, and cases of colds and flus and positive PCR tests for COVID 19 will rise around November when the sun wanes and the weather turns cold. Renewed lockdowns, business closures, church and synagogue restrictions, stay at home orders, new vaccines for new variants will be thrust upon us, and the Ground Hog day will be repeated ad infinitum and ad nauseum. There remains then also the Ground Hog Day for our protest. We will be here, until Bill Murray gets it right and ends the repeating cycle of insanity in our country and province.

Here are the reasons we need to continue to protest:

(1) Masks mandates have not ended, and it looks like we will see our children masked or forbidden to attend school. But masks are bad for them, causing an increase in CO2 and harmful bacterial levels and a decrease in O2 levels. They also do nothing to prevent the aerosol vapour that carry the virus (see below video)–and masks mandates starting summer 2020 did nothing to prevent the lockdowns. Masks may have even contributed to the problem of more contagious variants of COVID 19–as the virus adapts to the barriers we put in their way–Virology 101.

(2) Lockdowns remain in place. It is true that more businesses are opening up with each new stage. But still, gyms and inside restaurant dining remain closed. It is hard to keep track of what is open and what is not open. Suffice it to say that Doug Ford in capricious manner decides via edict what can open and what must remain closed. As long as that is the case, we are all in danger.

(3) Border closures and restrictions: There is still a requirement of a quarantine hotel to re-enter Canada, unless of course you are Justin Trudeau. Now they are tying that requirement to whether you have one of the approved vaccines, and this is an obvious form of bullying and favorizing of Western vaccine companies–which is Agency Capture and Revolving Door, campaign contributions and overall corruption of media and government have a lot to do with.

(4) Fear: People remain in utter terror of COVID 19, and they think that we are nuts for being out here dancing, hugging, and kissing–without useless masks. And do you know how many cases of COVID 19 have been tied to our protests and other meetings that have taken place during lockdown? Hundreds of cases? Dozens of deaths? Actually no. Zero to my knowledge. I’ve been here every week and my last bad cold or flu was 2010. So no, I am not afraid. I am fearless, and people need to see that life in Canada is possible without fear.

(5) Vaccines: It appears that the whole lockdown Ground Hog Day was created to sell us vaccines for an allegedly super dangerous virus, and that’s what people have come to believe and so they are lining up by the thousands to get whatever vaccine is the soup du jour. Already a vaccine company (AZ) is testing a new vaccine for the Beta variant, and next year’s vaccine it will be mandated that we must get enough of the population vaccinated for the Delta variant before we can open up again. Because this is Ground Hog Day. It will be repeated for an Epsilon variant, Zeta, Ita, and Theta variants will come for the coming years, and we will eventually get an Omega variant (the Greek alphabet has 24 letters, before we even have to come up with a new way of naming them).

(6) Economic destruction: The federal government is using the Bank of Canada to create new currency to make up for the lack of tax revenue and to pay out benefits to people who they, the government, have put out of work. Eventually, once you dilute a currency it will create distortions such as the 26% increase, year over year, in residential real estate in the GTA. Eventually it will cause real pain when people’s CERB cheques will not be enough to cover the increase in the price of food. That’s when maybe some people will realize that they need to stand up and protest for their right to work and earn their own living.

Ultimately, we will never get our rights back until we have enough people join us in the protests. I am here because I want people to know where they can find us, when they are in such pain that they finally wake up and decide that they too need to get up and stand up for their rights: No more lockdowns; no more vaccines; no more bioethical violations; no more destruction of liberty; no more Ground Hog Day. We must rise up.

(This speech was first given on July 4, 2021, at the Vaughan Protest at Bathurst and Rutherford).

“Do as I say, not as I do!” The COVID 19 Hypocrites

By Peter W. Dunn, PhD

Throughout these long lockdown measures, I never believed that they would either help nor that they were necessary. I watched a video (removed by YouTube) by epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski, that convinced me that even if lockdowns actually worked, they would only extend the time it would take to get over the so-called “pandemic” and sure enough, what was original two weeks to flatten the curve, has become nearly two years to flatten everything.

So I’ve acted with integrity. Every week I am out here protesting because I believe that the real threat to our lives isn’t a virus. It’s the destruction of freedom. Totalitarianism is much more dangerous than this pandemic. In the 20th century, totalitarianism killed, by the most conservative estimates, at least one million people for every year of that century, including some of the relatives of people here–in the Holocaust which alone killed at least six million Jewish people in Europe. But totalitarianism doesn’t just kill people with gas chambers. It has other ways of killing, such as by destroying your livelihood–shutting your business so that you can’t make a living for yourself; or persecuting your synagogue or church so that your spiritual raison d’etre is destroyed; or not allowing your children to go to school, so that they remain in the squalor of ignorance.

Among the tyrants in today’s pandemic are many hypocrites. They decree our loss of freedoms, but they don’t really believe their own rhetoric. They have created fear, but they themselves are not afraid. And if COVID 19 is this deadly pandemic, then I venture that these people would be the first to retreat, just as the nobles and kings and queens during the Black Death would flee to their country retreats to survive while people in the cities perished. But have our leaders fled? Not hardly. They have continued their normal lives while decreeing our total and complete loss of human rights: closed our business, our borders, and our schools. They’ve put masks on us and put us under house arrest. Except when they know that they are on camera, our tyrants themselves do not follow the rules–which is the proof that they don’t believe the rules actually work or apply to their nobility.

Internationally, the most prominent example of hypocrisy is perhaps UK prognosticator Neil Ferguson of Imperial College, whose extreme predictions of the number of people who would die based upon his modeling scared the crap out of everyone. Millions would die, he predicted, if we don’t lock down. And what he do. He broke lockdown rules to commit adultery, admittedly with a very pretty woman. Evidently, he didn’t think that a communicable disease was too dangerous that he should avoid a booty call. I don’t think he ever mentioned wearing masks during the act to protect from COVID 19, as Canada’s pedestrian Chief Public Health officer, Theresa Tam has recommended.

Anthony Fauci, whose real job is to commit crimes against humanity by funding China’s bioweapons program at Wuhan, so-called “gain of function” research to develop more lethal and contagious viruses like SARS COV 2, has been caught on camera maskless: One minute he throws the errant pitch with a mask on in the middle of the baseball field; the next minute he is in the stands with no mask on. He never believed that the masks would protect him–that’s what he originally said. But when apparently when he saw the potential masks to create fear, he decided that we all had to wear them.

Fauci caught with his mask down

Speaking of mask mandates, have we forgotten that the first casualty in Ontario was a man who walked into a grocery store without a mask and refused, got into a scuffle with the store’s staff, allegedly assaulted someone, fled the scene, was chased down by the cops and shot to death? Not one person had been saved by masks but already one person was dead by police. So don’t tell me that mask mandates are not deadly.

Justin Trudeau traveled to his cottage against social distancing rules imposed on everyone else (visiting his family who were not living with him at the time)–this required crossing the provincial border. He also has traveled to Europe while telling Canadians that they shouldn’t travel. He meets with international dignitaries but doesn’t wear a mask. He embraces them, but tells us that we must social distance. He is in favor of the Great Reset, is happy with all the lockdown rules, because it helped them to reduce carbon emissions, something that they couldn’t convince people to do without scaring the hell out of them with a fake pandemic. He doesn’t believe himself that there really is a pandemic–his behaviour tells us otherwise.

Premiers are also hypocrites. Jason Kenny is putting pastors in prison for holding outdoor services, meanwhile he was pictured meeting with others in an outdoor restaurant, and later apologized for always following COVID 19 social distancing protocols. I don’t have a problem with anyone eating a meal outside but Mr. Kenny should set the pastors free to do their jobs of shepherding the people. Kenny is now the most notorious persecutor of Christian pastors in Canada, and in his province, pastors have been arrested and denied bail.

But Kenny is not the only hypocritical premier. In Doug Ford‘s Ontario, Jews and Christians were told not to have Seder suppers or Easter dinners in their homes; they were threatened with $100,000 fines and one year in jail under the emergency acts and $1,000,000 and three years in prison under the Federal Quarantine Act, if they had another person from another household to their house. But what did Doug Ford do? He had his own children over on Mother’s Day. But did he get a fine from the OPP or other police agency? Not that I heard. Not $100,000. Nor $1,000,000. He wasn’t even given any fine at all. So he is a hypocrite, whose police fine innocent families for going out an exercising outdoors. Evidently, Doug Ford doesn’t really believe that COVID 19 is a real threat–otherwise, why would he risk his own life or that of his daughters and their families if it were real? One of Doug Ford’s flew off to St. Barth’s in violation of Doug Ford’s rules– Rod Phillips. Let me tell you something about St. Barth’s because I’ve been there. It is a billionaires’ island and if you are just a humble millionaire, they look down their noses at you and won’t serve you. So evidently, if you are finance minister of a province, the billionaires might want to treat you to a nice little holiday. Doug Ford knew that his finance minister was vacationing there, but then Ford claimed that he would take full responsibility and so he fired the finance minister. Ford should have resigned himself. Ford is a shameful man and should not be trusted with any level political leadership. He shut down non-essential businesses bankrupting thousand of people. Meanwhile, his own label business is doing robust business selling COVID 19 protocol labels to stores, so that you know how far to stand from someone and which direction you are supposed to go up and down aisles (see video below).

My friend and pastor in Anchorage, Alaska, Kent Redfearn said something about 35 years ago that stuck with me all these years, “No matter what we say, we live out our priorities.” This is similar to the age-old adage, “Actions speak louder than words.” The hypocrisy of our tyrants demonstrates that they do not themselves believe that lockdowns are necessary, because they themselves don’t follow them. They aren’t fleeing cities to their country estates to wait out the pandemic as the royals of the past used to do during the plague. They are laughing at us, as they continue to enjoy regular life while imposing lockdown fines on the rest of us.

[This speech was delivered at the anti-lockdown protest at Bathurst and Rutherford, on June 20, 2021]

The Bullies and their Vaccines: The Vaccine Apologists

By Peter W. Dunn, PhD

This week I saw a Toronto woman who got Bell’s Palsy after a COVID 19 vaccine (video shared below). She said she got the vaccine because she wanted to go back to normal. And indeed, here in Ontario, Premier Doug Ford has tied reopening with vaccination rates. We are being bullied to get these vaccines with our own freedom.

And so this leads me back to a post I did on Facebook before the pandemic, in which I called these bullies vaccine apologists. There are many people that come from an unflinching commitment to vaccines that I call “apologetic”; the holders of this position are “apologists”. How can you tell if you are dealing with a Vaccine Apologist?

(1) Vaccine apologists call vaccines “safe”.

Safe is pharma-speak for “nothing is going to happen to you”. This is clearly bullying from the outset. Every person must weigh the risk for themselves, and some people are already at higher risk of an adverse reaction. Hence, such people would be screened from vaccine trials so that the results from the trial would be skewed as compared to an actual vaccination campaign.

(2) Vaccine apologists deny the dangers of vaccines and only talk about the millions of lives that the apologists claim have been saved.

But humanity survived without vaccines and achieved herd immunity, the same as every animal species out there, long before vaccines had ever been invented. Vaccines on the other hand do have serious adverse events, including paralysis and death.  

(3) Vaccine apologists mischaracterize those who have any questions about vaccines as liars or lunatics; and especially as “science deniers”.

The vaccine hesitant are actually much better informed than the vaccine apologists or people who have been scared or otherwise bullied into getting a vaccine. The vaccine hesitant are also better scientists, because they don’t deny the eye-test. If you see someone harmed by a vaccine, even killed by them, the vaccine hesitant will not claim that they would have died anyways.

(4) Vaccine apologists often insist that choice in vaccination should be taken away, in violation of multiple principles of bioethics (and principles of liberty and democracy for that matter).

Let me cite Unesco’s Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights:

Article 6 – Consent

1. Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. The consent should, where appropriate, be express and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice.

Vaccines are preventatives. If you take a person’s right to informed dissent from a vaccine, you have become a human rights violator. This includes the following: governments or public education institutions requiring vaccines for students to attend school); employers requiring vaccines for adults to work; the cruise lines that require their staff and their passengers to be vaccinated; stadiums, cinemas, etc. that require vaccines to attend a sporting event. We have accepted mask mandates, which is also a medical intervention. Thus, we have been so trained to accept the imposition of medical interventions. Very few us realize that we have accepted tyranny and human rights abuse, just by wearing a mask into a store or to any other place where there are these unethical mask mandates.

(5) Vaccine apologists support the suppression and censorship of anti-vaccine sources.

When you do a Google search of a leading voice in vaccine hesitancy (e.g., Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.), the hit pieces against that person will be the top search results. This is because Google is a vaccine company (partner with GSK). Facebook and Nextdoor and other social media platforms regularly censor any anti-vaccine sources, designating them “misinformation” which is begging the question (petitio principii). This is because their goal is to sell advertising space to vaccine companies. I even shared CTV interview of a pro-vaccine MD censored from Nextdoor (easily the worst social media platform that I know of when it comes to censorship) and was given a 31 day suspension. And this was for citing a mainstream media source!!!!

(6) Vaccine apologists deny any wrong doing by the pharmaceutical and vaccine companies which have profited billions from the proliferation of vaccines.

It is true that these vaccine companies have a been found guilty of serious crimes and made to pay billions in fines. But still, we are supposed to believe them about COVID 19 vaccines, even though they are well known to use data manipulation and fraud to portray their products as “safe”.

(7) Vaccine apologists characterizes the unvaccinated as a major threat to society.

This is a major canard. When the Nth COVID 19 wave arrives in November at the beginning of cold and flu season, the governments, media, and the mob will blame the unvaccinated and anti-maskers for the variants. But virology 101 says that viruses that have barriers, whether they be masks, social distance or vaccines, will adapt, and natural selection will favor variants that will be able escape those barriers. Top level virologists have warned about this, including Nobel Laureat Luc Montagnier. True epidemiologists, immunologists and virologists maintain that the healthy are of no danger and that asymptomatic transmission is not a thing. So unless you have any real proof, shut your mouth about the unvaccinated being a danger to vaccinated. It is incoherent to claim that everyone should be vaccinated, but that the vaccinated are in danger from the unvaccinated. It means that you don’t believe your vaccine works, and if that’s the case, why are you insisting that every must have it? Please, I insist on coherence, not incoherent bullying.

(8) Vaccine apologists characterizes dangers of vaccines as conspiracy theories or myths.

Empiricism is the basis of science. The vaccine hesistant believe their eyes, and don’t believe the specious arguments that vaccines are safe. We’ve read the scientific papers that do in fact admit that there are real dangers to vaccines. Consider that COVID 19 can cause immediate anaphylaxis—it would be difficult to argue that that person would have died of shock even without the vaccine.

In case of vaccines, the burden of proof is not on those who observe death or injury post vaccine. It is on the vaccine companies and vaccine apologist to prove that the vaccine DID NOT cause the death or injury. This is what is called an “abundance of caution”. But only lip service is actually given to caution and so the deaths and injuries continue.

The following is the report from Health Canada about adverse events from this “safe” vaccine.

The first lie is in this statistic is that 1,391 serious events is probably only the tip of the iceberg, and that it can only represent at most 10% of the total serious adverse events and probably not a lot more than 1% of the total. Thus the 0.005% stat may actually represent 0.5%. And since it is also a lie to talk about 0.005% of all doses administered when it should be talking about people instead of “doses”. Since most people are getting two doses, the stat could be as high as 1% serious adverse events per people vaccinated. These are simple and justifiable calculations that I’ve done.

Now there is zero reason to think that more than 1% of adverse events are reported. A BC physician, Charles D. Hoffe talks about adverse reactions (see @29:00) and the difficulty with reporting them: It takes 30 minutes of unpaid office time to fill out a adverse event report, and most physicians do not get patient feedback about adverse events–it’s only if they come back complaining about something and even then it would only be attributed to the vaccine if the physician is astute and acting in a professional and ethical manner.

But when you have all these pop-up clinics, your family physician who would normally report the event is probably not even aware that you had a vaccine, still less an adverse reaction, even death, if someone doesn’t come back to the office and report the death and insist that Health Canada be informed. So these numbers that Health Canada is putting on their website are just rubbish.

Now here is the death stat that’s important (COVID 19):

25914 (deaths)/37600000(population of Canada)*100=0.06%

So if you are Canadian, at 0.1% (assuming an astounding 10% of adverse events are reported), you are pretty much twice as likely to have a serious adverse event from the vaccine as you are to die of COVID 19. Mind you t=time is also a factor. I.e., COVID has had 17 months to harm people and the vaccines was only rolled out about year after the “pandemic” started. This is an important concern when adverse reactions are counted per dose. Because that will give the vaccine more and more time to harm people, as people will have to receive yet more shots in the future and probably a annual shot in the future. This is the gift that just keeps giving—for those making money off every single dose administered.

So please don’t give into the bullies, the Vaccine Apologists, that are everywhere and are not doing good science, but allow the vaccine companies to guide them with fraudulent information about the safety of vaccine. May God help us all.

This speech was delivered at the Vaughan lockdown protest at Bathurst and Rutherford on June 13, 2021.

@6:45 Eric Clapton talks about his serious vaccine injury.